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About Hank the Real

I grew up in south Florida, a little north of Miami in a city called Parkland.  As a kid I dreamed of playing baseball, but by the time I was sixteen I knew that wasn’t going to happen.  I was terrible in school growing up.  Teachers usually put me with the troublemakers and kids with slight learning disabilities, I myself was diagnosed with dyslexia when I was young.  My mother taught me how to read.  I went from not being able to read at all, to reading everything in site.  I almost didn’t graduate High School because I couldn’t pass English but I’ve been fortunate to have a support system in my life full of family and friends that have pushed me forward.

I enrolled in community college (it was the only place that would take me).  I had no direction and cared more about being a wise guy than anything else.  I dabbled in illegal activities as well as working for my family.  I went to school at night and then one day I took a writing class.  That was it, I had written when I was  young, but hadn’t for years.  It sparked a fire in me that I can’t seem to ever extinguish.  I somehow graduated from community college after a brief stint on academic probation and landed myself an opportunity studying Shakespeare for a summer in London.

By the time I graduated my love for writing had connected with another passion of mine…music.  I began writing raps as well as fiction and realized what my true passion is and what I’m meant for.  I’m a storyteller along with a grand conversationalist.  Words have become my main tool and focus.  My main drive and ambition lie within my artistry and creative endeavors.

Travel soon found it’s way into the fray.  After seven years in Chicago where I focused on getting a foothold in the hip hop scene out there, I decided it was time to take what I learned in the Windy City and make my move.  Go see what the world really is.  Not what they tell you it is as a kid, but what the world really looks like. In the vein of Anthony Burgess, Kurt Vonnegut, and Burroughs I took to the road.

I landed in Berlin April 1st 2016 and have no plans of looking back.  This website is a representation of all these things.  It’s me, as real and honest as I can be.  My adventures, my opinions, my stories, my music.  Create. Breathe. Live.