Novel Thoughts #2

Miles and Miles of Killing excerpt…

“You come at me all fist-a-cuffs and furious trying to take a poke at this pretty face of mine?  Who the fuck is you?  You think that brother of yours will keep you alive when you act all foolish?” Eddie pulls out his blade.

My head isn’t buzzing anymore, but I keep down.  Let him get in close.  He is a sadistic bastard.  He’ll want to taunt and torture before he makes his move.  When he gets in close grab him and then see if he can still move out of your way.  

“Look at you old man?  The big shot Detective turned bottomed out joke.  It’s good to see you back were you should be…on your knees,” Eddie tries to stick me with his poker.

I move as fast as I can but he still manages to cut my hand as I charge into him.  I take Eddie to the ground and we roll around a bit.  His hens are all kicking and screaming at me.  I hit him square in his jaw and he stops struggling.  My left hand is cut and left wide open.  I wrap that hanky in my pocket around the wound and use Eddie to get up off the floor.  His women are still yelling and cursing but their screams aren’t heard.  I pull out the cannon I carry on me, and pick Eddie’s knife up off the floor before one of those crazy broads think they should stab me with it.  

I grab one of Eddie’s feet and start to drag him across the gravel parking lot.  People watch from all around, but no one sees a damn thing.  I pull him across the lot and kick the door to the first room I see open.