Novel Thoughts #3

Miles and Miles of Killing Excerpt…

“You step on toes out here, you end up losing your foot.  A man can’t walk with no feet.  You ever seen a man with no feet?”

“Once…a war vet.”

“I bet that prick hated having to get around.  At least he got the G.I. bill to keep him company,” Colin spat out the window, “And how much good that does, who really knows,” He lit a cigarette and started jestering out the window, “Look around you Sonny Jim, the whole town is in a tizzy.  They think they got it all figured out.  But what they don’t understand is that the rain is coming.  It’s going to wash us all away like a bad dream.  Then new crooks will come to raid the castle and all will be well again.  I mean look at these blokes.  You got half a city in fear of a stray bullet, the other half is too busy firing those bullets to be afraid.  Everyone is on the lam.  Half the country hides out in Chicago.  Hey, why not?  You pay enough people, you keep quiet, maybe get some work lifting heavy things, and you are back in business, no questions asked.  I got a brother, moved to the old country with his girl.  They had a kid, didn’t want to raise him around all this hell.  So they picked up and moved to Dublin.  Have you been to Dublin?  Bloody disaster.  Cheats and rogues, cheats and rogues.  And drunks plenty of drunks.  They got different troubles over there.  Two weeks into moving, my brother got roped up with a couple of wise acres.  IRA types.  The guys that carry around muskets trying to fight a modern battle.  The Brit’s got them pretty well pinned down as I see it.  Old brother of mine says they live in a damn policed state.  I told him to move to the country and he says to me…he says, where would I go?  There’s no trouble where there is nothing to be found.”

The cabbie rattled off nonsense all the way.  He zigged and zagged and breaked and beeped his way in and out of traffic.  Log jam on Cermak?  Up on the curb he says.  We got no time for red lights, so old boy runs them.  I’m sitting back here wiping the blood splattered on the .45 while he drives like a reckless goon.  It’s a hell of a scene.  

We’re on Taylor street.  Things are starting to come to life.  The storm had passed while I was fighting for my life in Maki’s place.  Good to see the sun out again.  It’s beginning to duck behind the architecture of the city.  That’s alright, we’ll see each other again soon…on this side or the other.  

We skid to a halt, “Cherry Babe’s Dining hall…good luck bucko,” I pay the cab driver, take a deep breath, and slide out of the yellow heap.