Novel Thoughts #4

I arrive at my place of work and Claire is there as Claire always is.  God knows how the poor girl deals with all this repetition.  How many times can a young thing like her look in a mirror and see herself age from the company she keeps?  I feel the routine of the daily events myself.  Sure lately old Miles has been scrapping tooth and nail to keep his hat on, but sometimes a man needs a bit of a roughing up.  I know I’ve experienced more beatings that I can remember.  When you wear a shield the duty that comes with it kicks you up and down the pecking order.  Take that badge away, and all those that you protected, come to hate you, those that you served with think you’re a no good drunk, and as to the ones you used to police…they learn to police back.  

“Jeez Louise, what happened to you last night?  You question the wrong canary?” Claire is always amused to see me black and blued.  

“I had some house guests,” I pulled my hat down tight on my swollen dome.  

“I told you to stop inviting strays over…but it seems to me that old Miles Bradley can’t let those old habits go, can he?” Claire brought me a fresh cup of coffee to help lighten my step.

“Too bad you weren’t there…I’m sure you would have put them all in there organized place.  Like the perfect little typist you are,” I wasn’t in the mood for her attitude; I had Artie Mills to answer to now.

“You’d be surprised what this gal can do.  But oh I’m sorry, I forgot, you’re a selfish bastard who can’t seem to learn from his mishaps,” Oh that Claire, she can really give it to me good, “I suppose I should tell you, your brother called.”

“What did he want?”

“I make it a general rule never to ask cops what they want.  In my experience a cop will always be sure to tell you what they want.  No sense in provoking the piggy to prod,” She’s a good girl that Claire.