Novel Thoughts #7

Miles and Miles of Killing (excerpt)

“You think this is some giant conspiracy huh?  Miles look around you.  This isn’t anything new.  What is going on now has gone on since the beginning.  Poor souls live and poor souls die…that’s it.  See you want to lay blame.  You should know by now that if you want to find blame, if you absolutely need to seek judgement, look in the mirror.  We are all to blame.  There isn’t an innocent face in the city.  Sure we can pretend that people don’t have anything to do with the schemes of great men, but if it isn’t for those doe eyed faces, they’d have nothing to fight for.  Of course it’s a lion you have hold of.  And it is going to eat you alive Miles, just like it does to the rest of us.  We’re all sitting on egg timers.  Get used to it,” he lit his own cigarette and gave a small laugh as he stared out the passenger window.