Novel Thoughts

I have recently reached the final stages of the first draft of my novel Miles And Miles Of Killing.  It’s been over four years of work and it’s safe to say that I’m finally almost finished.  Like being at sea for too long and finally peering through the fog to see a glimmer of a coast line…that’s where I’m at.  So I’ve decided in celebration of that, I will among other things, be posting random excerpts from my novel…hope you enjoy.

“I feel lost. Things seem to keep adding up wrong. I think for a second that I have something, a clue, a witness, a fucking guess, and then it slides through my hand like vapor. Ghosts follow me with words of wisdom and a knife for my back, deadly harlots tugging at my heartstrings, a dead brother and another that’s half in the bag, and I’m still missing a pinky.
I follow the skyline of this home of mine. It’s daunting, the buildings, the river, the loom of progress and industry, smoke stacks cloud my vision but the view is too intense to be taken away completely. So many people trying to make it big, make good, make out, just do whatever they gotta. Killers, creeps, wino’s, gingers, crazies, romantics, suits, poor, rich, snitches, and strong women. I can’t help but keep locked in as I get closer to the enormity of the situation.”