A few unkind words

Today isn’t going to be about traveling or pictures of me or the cool shit around me.  I brag about what I’m doing on here PLENTY.


It seems to me that everyone hates the one who gets to the top.  We all envy the person who succeeds were we failed.  And I’ve thought a lot about it.  People wanna say that this generation of people are any different than the previous, it’s bull.  I think we build these people up and when they get to be too much nature tears them back down.  The most talented and bravest we see again at the top while others pass back into the role of a citizen.  
We scrutinize every aspect of their lives and work.  Any false step could become a massive disaster.  We force them to walk this line.  To be the storybook hero we expect.  But in truth we ourselves don’t even live to those standards and probably never will or could.  

I feel like it’s simply out of boredom.  We plop our ever growing fatter asses into our overpriced couch after working a pointless and moral destroying job and then we judge those that are on the television as if what we are doing is living to our full potential.  

We expect our politicians to be righteous and free of compromise when we aren’t any of those things.  We lie, we cheat, we have lived dishonorable and then we are gonna point to others and say, “You should be better…shame on you” it’s absurd.  

Most people though will never be able to look in the mirror and see themselves and everything around them for what it truly is.  God bless ’em, because I don’t think many can handle that.  It’s difficult to even be able to separate your self and all your needs, wants, and desires from influencing your view.  Trust me I understand.

Truth is most people don’t even know theirselves. They don’t know what they can handle, they don’t know what they are passionate about, and they don’t know what they are capable of.  

Most of the people I grew up with I don’t really talk to much anymore.  I have a core group that will be with me until they kill me, but the rest of my friends come from my time in Chicago, London, and now Berlin.  

A couple years back I unfriended something like 400 people from my Facebook page.  Most were people I either didn’t know or haven’t spoke to in years, and then some where because of their posts, or just that I can’t stand them.  

I remember a friend of mine who now lives in New York sat next to me in our apartment in Chicago and watched as I purged a ton of bullshit out of my life.  It was exciting for him.  He told me I could just block them, but I felt unfriend was the way to go. 

So started refriend requesting me and I would leave them hanging there in silence.  Most of the people I unfriended were from where I grew up in Florida.  

I still see them when I go out back home.  They still do bottle service in a bar that clearly isn’t worth the bottle service.  They dress the same, act like they did when we were kids and all of them, forget it, are ballers.  But in truth they aren’t.  They are lost.  They are bored.  And they don’t have the first clue as to what to do about it.

And these are the people who pick our icons…Jesus Christ.

So how about for now on before you turn on the television to halt your boredom until it’s a respectable time to go to sleep, think about what you are doing.  We all love reality tv, which is essentially just watching someone else live life so that we don’t have to deal with ours. 

Now you know where our politicians get these half assed ideas from.  They are the result of mankind.  Women fill themselves with bags of things that aren’t supposed to be in their bodies.  Get face lifts and Botox and all these other stupid things that honestly only hurt them as a person.

People tattoo their faces for no real reason other than to stand out.  We take from different cultures and never give them the credit they deserve.  

Men act like fools in public and like trash towards women on social media and if we don’t get laid we think it’s okay to shoot up a school.  

It’s insane.  In spite of all this I have faith.  Not in any type of God really, but more in people.  Even though we all harbor prejudices towards others, that we can be savages towards are adversaries, and blind to the pain we cause every day of our lives to both mankind and Mother Earth, I still have faith we will do better.  I have faith in time.  I have faith in the want to do good.  And I have hope that one day we will evolve past the petty things we consider valuable.

We will step on each other’s necks to get a bit of power.  We’ll sell our soul for the right price.  We will kill them all for the chance at fame.  And with all this I still have faith.  

I’m going to continue to try and see myself with all my flaws.  And love those flaws.  Because those are the things that make up a person.  Those are what makes you great.  No one is perfect, hell, people are pretty damn imperfect if you ask me, so learn that about yourself and understand that with others, and turn off the damn tv.

Okay maybe s couple

In a park somewhere in Kreuzberg