Barcelona holy cow

So flew on Veuling from Berlin to Barcelona.  Flight was really quick and easy, but if you want leg room don’t fly Veuling. 

Got into BCN at around 1pm.  The most stressful part of traveling alone might be finding your way from the airport to whatever Airbnb you’re staying at.  I had great directions and it all worked out easily, but when you get off the plane your first thought is, well, hopefully the place you are staying at is real and you have the right directions.  The key is to not let it freak you out.  You just gotta look at it as you’ll get there when ya get there. No use in rushing things or making great time, just get there.  

The architecture here is out of this world. I haven’t even seen any real landmarks, it’s just the buildings that line the streets that blow my mind.

After taking a little nap, I headed out to explore my surroundings.  Day one is usually get your bearings day.

Oh and FYI weed is sold in stores like in Amsterdam.  This I didn’t know.

Walked Dow the Rambla where millions of people can be found everyday.

I’ve never wanted to speak Spanish more than I do right now.  Thankfully I know a little bit, at least enough to be respectful lol.

Found this little place hidden in an old courtyard for tapas and drinks.

Some little hippy American girl had a yukaleli Son of a Preacher Man.  She was utterly horrible.  So bad I almost had to tell her she needs to stop.  

I like that people will just start dancing when music is playing.  It’s refreshing.  Berlin like Chicago, don’t do much dancing.  Chicago on the one hand has a rich history of dancing whereas Berlin has a rich history of marching.  

This mural is in the back terrace where I’m staying.  

So yeah, day one: The verdict is Barcelona is amazing. It’s nice to be around people with rhythm.