Bawse on the Bosphorus


Woke up from very little sleep today.  No weed makes it very difficult to sleep, coupled with no A/C in the middle of summer, forget it, I barely slept.  But either way, I woke up to the sound of the Muezzin around the way calling everyone to prayer.  I gotta say it’s a fantastic way to wake up in the morning.

After putting together my Istanbul playlist, it was lunch time so I took to the streets.  What’s pictured above was lunch today at this little kitchen called Unger Soflesi or something along those lines.  The whole thing all together cost 8 euro.  There was so much food I couldn’t even eat half of it.  It was unbelievable, the stuffed peppers were amazing.  The place was owned by a woman and her mother who must’ve been close to eighty.  When I walked it she came right up and started telling me what everything was and explained that everyday the food is different.  It’s all made right there by her and her mother.  I felt like this was the perfect way to start my day.  There is a very good chance that I will be going here every day while I’m here.  They do breakfast and lunch.  Tomorrow I think I’ll have the breakfast.  I sat there for probably an hour just picking at the food well after I was full and working on Foster and Chadwick (my novel).


After filling up for the day and running out of words for my book, I started to wander, I didn’t really check out the area I’m staying in yet, so I decided to explore the area directly around me.  That’s when I came to these steps, they might not look like much, but these were by far the steepest steps I’ve ever walked down in my life.  The hand rails came up to about my knee so they were worthless.

After tackling these steps, I headed down a ways, I’m not sure how far maybe a half mile, but without even planning it, I ended up at the ocean or the Bosphorus to be exact which is what connects the Black Sea to the Mediterranean.


Across the Bosphorus is the Asian side of Istanbul that I intend on going to in the next day or two.


There are guys selling grilled corn on the cob all over the damn place.  That doesn’t include the people selling bottles of water for 1 Turkish Lira each.  It was 88 degrees today, so it was definitely necessary.


I was in awe of this view.  I’d never looked across a body of water this big to see the other half of the place that I’m currently at.


Here’s some kids being kids.


It was so peaceful here.  I started to just write.  I’m not sure how long I wrote for, but it must’ve been awhile because I probably wrote a thousand words while I sat watching the sea.

It’s moments like these that you kind of want someone with you.  Not for the whole time, but then there is someone else that you can share the experience with.

I definitely have realized that I am standing out around here lol.  People walk by me and can’t help but stare.  It’s probably pretty odd for them to see just one single giant white person with a beard that is clearly from the States walking about enjoying the sun.



I mean can you blame them?  Look at this handsome brute.


There are all these little cafes where you can get drinks, food, and smoke hookah.  That’s one off in the distance.  This area is also the area where you catch the ferry over to the Asian side of the Bosphorus.


Imagine having a place like one of these above that overlook the water.  The people are really something else here.  The older men tend to walk with their hands behind their backs for some reason.  And the young guys as well as the women look like they would be just has comfortable in Miami as they would here.


After sitting on a bench writing for a while, and fresh out of ideas, I decided to walk along the water for awhile.  It was interesting.  Some guy asked if I would take his picture, after I gave him his phone back, he wanted to take a picture with me lol.  I told you, I’m like a freak out here.


I spent the day listening to Capone N Noreaga’s War Report and followed it up with Frank Zappa’s We’re only in it for the Money.  Strange combination of albums to listen to, but they both fit so well with where I was.


I walked paste the stadium where I believe Istanbul’s team plays.  It’s so interesting to see something that is so state of the art architecturally speaking right across from a mosk that must be several hundred years old.  IMG_3974.JPG

After being out in the sun for several hours, I decided to head back to the flat.  The street that the place that I’m staying at is a very very steep hike from the water.  I’m not gonna lie it was seriously no joke.  I never felt more out of shape, but honestly I don’t see anyone taking that hill without losing their breath.  It was a seriously steep climb.  So when I got home I was completely drenched in sweat and desperately in need of a lemonade, which I got at this little place about midway up the hill.  It was the best Lemonade I ever had, but that could just be because I was panting like a dog.

So that was my day.

FYI I found out today that my buddy Shon from Berlin is getting here on Saturday and staying til Tuesday so we are going to have a TON of fun.  Things are gonna get pretty out of control.  His AirBnB is only a three minute walk from me.