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  • Day 2: Hi, I’m Parker, I’m and actress/ My father designed all the SoHo Houses.

Day 2: Hi, I’m Parker, I’m and actress/ My father designed all the SoHo Houses.

On Shon’s second day in Istanbul we met at our usual meet up spot to enjoy ourselves a traditional Turkish breakfast.

Turkish Breakfast:
Hard boiled egg
Slice of deli meat
Piece of cheese
Small wedge of Feta
Sliced peppers and cucumber
Butter and fresh bread

Served either with coffee or tea


After talking to Deniz a bit about what her day was going to be filled with (Deniz is the name of one of the women working at Ulger Sofrasi).  We got directions to SoHo House.  Being that Shon is a member we thought we would check it out.  He had heard that it was a magnificent place, residing in the old American Embassy.


Shon is in the process of booking a SoHo house tour around the world.  So he hoped to talk with the event planner about coming back in a few months to do a preliminary show to get properly acquainted with the place.  Plus we heard they had a rooftop pool that was unbelievable…they weren’t lying.  This place was extraordinary.  It sat atop the former American Embassy.  Which was a modern building.  SoHo house Istanbul consists of two buildings, one the former American Embassy and the other an Italian mansion that was build by a extremely wealthy Italian who had lost the house to the former American Ambassador to Turkey in a card game (so the story goes).

The rooftop had an infinity pool and dozens of extremely comfortable lounge chairs that you could easily pass out on.  It wasn’t very busy when we had first go up there, but the people that were up there clearly had more money than sense.IMG_4074.JPG

We met a couple of DJ’s that were here on tour.  One was from Montreal and now lived in New York. While the other was Scottish and living in London.  Both really nice guys and we exchanged information to keep in contact about future and possible collaboration.  I gotta admit the Scotsman’s teeth were a point of focus for us.  To say they were jacked up would be an understatement.  I honestly don’t know how you go through life with a grill like that.  They were black and broken in the front.  With a nasty twist and angled so that it looked as if someone had slapped him in the mouth with a technic for not playing Nas b-sides.

Our plan had originally been to go to the Asian side of Istanbul today, but upon getting comfortable on the roof watching rich pseudo female models bending over in Brazilian bikinis we decided our day would be spent relaxing and exploring what the House had to offer.


After a couple hours of chatting and staring off over the landscape of Istanbul, we went to the old Italian villa part of SoHo dubbed the clubhouse.  Inside you felt like you were in a museum.  The fresco’s on the ceiling were hundreds of years old. Gold inlayed the walls and bordered the fresco’s.  We decided to have a couple of mojitos on the veranda where a couple of young fashion designers discussed the launch of their brand.  The couch we sat in was so comfortable we both thought about taking a nap right there.

After a bit, Shon went to go discuss booking himself at SoHo while I sat guarding our prime spot from wealthy young international fashionista’s.  They all had an air of what my ex girlfriend had.  Dressing sheik with a dash of I don’t care with a look of my parents are worth more than yours will ever be.


The veranda became packed after our scone round of mojitos and the rich folk were eying our prime seats so we decided we should go back up to the rooftop pool for more sun.

On the elevator we saw Sonic Youth frontman and director Thurston Moore.  That was interesting, however why is it that all aging rock stars slowly start to all look like one another.  He just as easily could have been a member of the Black Keys or the Rolling Stones.


When we got back to the roof it was a little busier and seemed to fill up with more posh individuals.  Bobby Womack started playing, then Marvin Gaye It’s Party Time a song about boring people hoping to belong to the hip scene.  It was very ironic.  Nobody really noticed the music except for Shon and I.  I’m not sure if it was ironic with regards to us or them, but someone was full of irony.

IMG_4092.JPGWe met and artist and an actress from the UK. They artist showed me a book he was reading that took place Istanbul after I told him I had written a detective novel.  It was about a eunuch detective in Istanbul.  The actress was a stunningly beautiful blond.  And she made sure we were aware that her father designed all the SoHo houses.  When they left I looked at Shon, “My dad designed all the SoHo’s,” in my British heiress voice.  With my reply “Get the fuck outta here. Make it sound like your pops painted the damn fresco’s.  Oh you mean he chose the cushion colors for the couches we were laying on?  Congratulations.”

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g39Yf3gp40c]

After a couple more hours of laying around doing nothing and everything all at the same time we decided to head back so that we could get and early start for tomorrow.

As we walked thru the lobby we ran into a couple of people from the States who had just arrived.  They looked very familiar.  The woman in the group asked Shon and I what we were doing in Istanbul and when she introduced herself she said, “I’m Parker, I’m an actress,” that’s when it clicked, Parks and Rec.  It was Parker Posey.  I told her I loved her in Blade 3.