I stopped drying my shirts a long time ago

The state of things in Deautcheland are dire.  They’ve resorted to hang drying their underwear! It’s a little bit colder tonight.  Sometimes I feel lost…

No seriously though no dryers, which is honestly fine with me I usually hang dry my shirts skyways, now jeans are gonna be interesting. I’m curious to feel them after they hang dry, I know I shouldn’t but I always threw my jeans in the dryer.  Of course inside out, what do you take me for?  Some kind of savage?

While that was happening I went to the park next to my place 

Beautiful place honestly the pictures don’t do it enough justice.  The place was packed.  People with their families and groups with dogs, which are rarely, if ever on leashes.  

I think I’m gonna go back tomorrow and work on my novel.  There are plenty of places to do that sort of thing.

This looks like a good spot.

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