Kreuzberg in the day time got me thinking.


I spent the afternoon yesterday in Kreuzberg preparing for my show tonight.  Walked around for two or three hours rapping my lyrics to the instrumentals off my album.  I’m sure more than a few people thought I was crazy on the train.


It’s a beautiful place this city.  Frenchie texted me while I was out and about to see if I wanted to hang out again.  So now I’m beginning to think that the night at the Culture Container was in fact a date or some kind.  Although we didn’t end up going out (I need a good night sleep before I melt a microphone on stage).  We rescheduled for Monday though.  Which should be a good day also because there is a Literature festival that is going on in the city and I plan on going on Sunday and Monday.  Miles and Miles of Killing won’t publish itself.


That’s the S Baun running overhead.  Sometimes neighborhoods like these remind me of Chicago.  The difference is Berlin is about half as expensive.  I’m someone who doesn’t drink often but when I do it takes A LOT to get me drunk.  Back home in the states a $100 night isn’t absurd, but out here…50 euros does the job EASILY.


I was talking with my buddy Rich yesterday and we were discussing the whole idea of traveling and what it means when this is a way of life for you.  People love to say how much they enjoy traveling.  They constantly list it as one of their favorite hobbies, but in truth, very few actually travel at all.

If you are staying at an all-inclusive resort…you are not traveling.

If you study abroad and stay amongst fellow Americans and others that are from different countries…you aren’t traveling.

If you spend the majority of your time on walking tours with a guide…you aren’t traveling.

If most of your time is spent in museums…you aren’t traveling.

If you stay in a really nice hotel…that isn’t traveling.

If when you get back home, you talk about the bar that was in your hotel at any point in time…you didn’t travel.

If you never got lost in a foreign country and just rolled with it…you haven’t travelled.

If you didn’t meet or talk to anyone who ACTUALLY lives in the place that you visited…you didn’t travel.

Traveling isn’t staying in nice resorts.  It isn’t going to the concierge and asking where you can get the most AUTHENTIC food.  It’s walking out of your hotel, or hostel, or apartment and spending your day getting lost.  Wandering around neighborhoods where there isn’t a high concentration of tourists.  If you see a bunch of people walking around taking pictures of buildings and staring at maps confusingly, then you aren’t getting the point of traveling.  It is supposed to be an opportunity to experience a different culture to, “Do as they do” sort of experience.  It’s to help understand different cultures and more importantly to help understand your own better.  Going to Cabo for a week isn’t traveling that is a vacation…fun sure…traveling no.

If a girl lists on her dating profile that she loves to travel…don’t ever message her.  She will make you want to kill yourself.  She means going to Sandel’s…not Jamaica.  The person that goes to a resort doesn’t want anything to do with the place they are visiting.  They just want to be comfortable in a place that is different from their own.  The hotel better have a great bed.  All the booze better be included, and IF they decide to venture outside of the gates of their safe resort where all the other white people are, then they better have a guide walking or driving them around.

It’s sad really.  It’s a waste of a trip in my opinion.  It also shows a lack of creativity and imagination.  But most importantly it shows how scared they are.

Before I left for Berlin, countless people have warned me about what was happening as far as ISIS in Europe.  Mind you they have never been to any of these places they talk about and only know what CNN MSNBC or FOX NEWS tells them, but you’d think with the way they would talk that they know precisely what it is like in other countries.

People lie to themselves everyday and pretend that the life they live is real.  I got news for you, if you spent your time in the same place that you have always been, then your view of the world and your opinions on LIFE are skewed.  In reality never leaving the place you are from does nothing but stifle your ambition, imagination, and resolve.  Most I know become scared of the outside world (see Syrian refugees, Donald Trump Voters, and most White people from Suburban America).  Never mind the fact that America is FAR more dangerous than any country in Europe, most of Asia, Australia, parts of Africa, and parts of Latin America.  We kill more people than anyone else.  We put more of our citizens in prison than any other country in the world.  And we are more cutthroat and selfish than most European countries. Yet we still pretend that the only place we are safe is amongst other Americans.


So go get lost.  Go make a mess of your life.  Go LIVE for once.  Turn off your television.  Because you most likely watch terrible shit on tv and go see something new.  It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.  It doesn’t really need to cost much money at all.  But go and do it.  There is no guarantee of an afterlife.  I know that many of you believe that one day you will be in the clouds full of Angels and anything your greedy heart ever wanted will be at your disposal, but in truth there is no guarantee of that, that’s just your fear of death talking, so go see as much of this great planet as you can.  It isn’t nearly as scary as you may think.  Because here is a secret.  Your parents, your family, the news, your icons, your friends,  your coworkers…they lied to you.  The school system lied to you.  The government lied to you.  Bill O’Reilly lied to you.  Your Priest lied to you.  The world isn’t as nearly as dangerous as they want you to believe.  And as the great Curtis Mayfield said, “If there is a hell below, we are all gonna go.”

Rant finished.  Time to rock microphones and discuss the evolution of POWER and what it does to people.

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