Pictures from my time in Rome

This stuff above was all just randomly scattered around where I stayed.

Italians from the South don’t recommend eating much of the food in Rome. They don’t eat the Pizza and they don’t eat the fish.  To them it isn’t as good as in the south.  I intend to find out.

This may have been the worst antipast I’ve ever had…I almost lost my shit.  Stay away from the places looking out to Piazza Venezia.

First night out in Rome with the homies. No one could understand each other and it couldn’t have been a better way to spend the night. The next day we went looking for hashish at the colosseum.

Piazza Navona was really cool, everything in this city is made for hanging out and just enjoying life.  The people of Italy put their life first and job second. The longer I’m here the more I understand.

But they got to that point, I believe, because of their past achievements. Surrounding them is the ruins of their time of innovation, cultural and world domination. They already did it all, they’ve been the super power three times over, now they relax. 

I had some really memorable moments in Rome, the kids from southern Italy really made showed me what living as a true Italian is like.  Plus Proscutto and Melon lol.  They cooked pasta for me pretty much every day. We smoked at monuments all over Rome and just had w real blast. 

The Gelato oh my god!  I didn’t pay for a single pasta dinner these two wise guys took care of that.  And Rice Balls lol! The colosseum was something I was really excited to see but it’s so packed with tourists it loses a bit of its luster. 

But I did get to write in the colosseum with all that history a mayhem around me.

Today I got to Salerno so I can swim in the amalfi coast. Pray for me lol.