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Well I’m in Prague guys for the next couple of days.  I got in yesterday and met a friend of mine from my days at Quenchers Saloon Tom at the train station.  We had a couple of Czech beers before heading back to his place to drop off my stuff.


Above is the view from his apartment.  He lives smack dab in the middle of the city center and from there the view is simply gorgeous as you can tell.  When I looked out this window I felt like I was back in time.  Off in the distance you can see the Castle of Prague.


A lot of people have asked me if I spend much times in museums.  No.  Honestly, museums kind of bore me.  Not museums in general, but when I’m in a new place, I can’t help but just wander around.  If I’m going to be inside it’s going to be so I can get some writing done.

Today was admittedly a pretty rainy day so I didn’t spend too much time outside, but I plan on doing some roaming around tonight.




Rain and cold can really sap the life out of a trip, fortunately there is never enough hours in the day to work on my novel.  So I have taken the opportunity to get some writing done in Prague.

Let me tell you something too, the tourist scene out here is utterly insane.  At one point I was walking through a square where all these fascinatingly old cathedral’s and buildings still stand there must’ve been thousands of tourists from all over the world snapping photo’s, using their selfie sticks (kill yourself), and believe it or not eating at Hooters (double kill yourself).


There are a ton of great cobblestone streets in Old and New Town.  Often it seems like people in cars and bikes just kind of drive wherever there is room for them.


It’s weird as much English that is spoken in Berlin, Prague feels almost more American.  Maybe it was seeing a Hooters and a Harley Davidson store right next to each other, or the fact that Subway and McDonalds signs are everywhere.

I ended up stopping at one of these sandwich shops that they have out here called Boulevard Bageterie.  It was raining and Tom had recommended them for a really good sandwich, and you know how I am with sandwiches, so I popped it to get dry and maybe jot down a few words for my book.



The picture above is from the street in front of my friends apartment.  This market goes on every day all year round from what I understand.