Quiet in the line

On Friday I had decided that I was gonna get a little reckless.  Maybe have a few too many drinks, dance a bit too much, and meet a couple of people.  So a friend of mine out here was going to this party at this bar in Mitte called Schokoladen.  Really cool place, I wasn’t much for photos on this night.  So friends of a friend were Djing at this spot so we headed over.  It was a lot of fun we met up with a few more of his friends and did a little dancing and drank Long Island Ice Tea’s.  I’ll be honest I haven’t had one of those in a very long time.  So I had two.

At like 1:30 am we started to head over to this other club.  It was my friends favorite and he thought I’d like it.  We homeboy was right.  This place was INSANE.  It was like a fun house.  I was half waiting to get lost in this huge place and stumble on to a hall of mirrors.  All it needed was a slide running through it and you had the ultimate fun zone.

In line to the place I had to be quiet.  Which anyone who knows me, knows that that is a very difficult thing for me to do.  The line moved pretty fast.  We only waited for about fifteen minutes. it cost 14 euro to get in.  That kind of annoyed me.  But it proved to be worth it in the end.

After you pay you head into this huge courtyard that could probably hold six hundred people.  There will different areas for people to hang out with different themes.  Everything had a bit of a dystopian feel to it.  It was completely silent.  People lounged under trees without a care in the world.  Others strolled around the grounds sipping on their beers.  It was the quietest place in all of Berlin in that moment.  I mentioned how this was the quietest club I had ever been to.

My buddy and his friend led me past the little out door bar that was serving the couple people wandering around the yard, and made our way through the mouth of God.  When you get inside from what I can remember there was a giant old staircase with very old wood banisters.  If you went to the right there was a cloakroom and some extremely dingy bathrooms.  When you head to the left you head down a corridor and you feel the bass pumping.  House, electronic, techno.  It pulsated through the building.  They had a bar.  But then there were all these different rooms that had beaten and tattered vintage furniture.  Cigarette holes, kids passed out, others making out.


They were flying.  Sometimes you’d poke your head in a room and there would be just a couple lying on a couch staring off into galaxies beyond.  On the type of narcotics that send you on a trip far from where they were.  A neon green cross hung above them.  Come to think of it, the guy had a damn long beard.

In another room there would be a ladder that lead to a cubby hole type spot for little hipster girls to go and talk about the stars.

Each room had it’s own rundown but fantastic look about it.  These rooms where a respite for the kids that planned on being there all weekend.  When the MDMA hits them a little too hard, they can go veg out on the couch.  From what my friend told me he knows of a great couch in  Renate that he had spent six hours on once.

When you head up stairs being bumped by a train of hypnotized youngsters is nothing out of the ordinary.  But at the same time, you can find any type of person in this place.  Old and young all Berliner’s seem to come to this place get lost on occasion.  From bankers to bike messengers.

The smoke is thick.  On the second floor there are several different rooms that have Dj’s spinning.  Everyone is a sweaty mess and another thing I was told once, and didn’t believe it until I saw it with my own eyes…everyone faces the Dj and they dance stomping their feet almost in unison.  It kind of weirded me out if I’m being honest.

So soon my buddy had been overcome by the Mexicana shots and beers and Long Islands and Screw drivers before we left the house and he called it a night.  Leaving just two of us.  We continued up and down those stairs, like kids in a maze.  We’d go to one room dance for a bit, do a shot, head to another room, get a beer, smoke weed, squeeze ourselves onto a packed dance floor.

This one room though, man, this red light was so intense, you couldn’t see the Dj or really anything for that matter but read and fog from the smoke machines.  The drinks are ridiculously cheap as well.  I’m talking 2-3 euro for a beer cheap.

Being inside that place I lost all sense of time.


Some girl just started touching my beard at one point.  She was clearly on MDMA.  She was dancing with this dude who was groping her EVERYWHERE, and she just kept staring at me.  Late when me and Helena (not her real name) are chilling behind the beads, I come to find out that while she was staring at me and reach to touch my face (which I don’t care who you are, chill with that), the dude was making eyes at her lol.  It’s nice to see couples out there looking for strange sex with random partners together.  It gives me hope for the world.

We ended up climbing these steps onto this ledge behind one of the main bars behind this curtain of beads where there were a couple of torn leather seats that seemed to be from a car or something to escape the music.

I checked my phone…6:30am.  I wasn’t even drunk because I had danced so damn much.  We decided neither of us wanted to drink anymore and headed home.  All in all it was a hell of a way to kick of a very fun and productive, but very strange weekend.


All the pictures where taken from online, they don’t allow photographs inside and I was too busy partying.