Recap of Praha

So hung out with DJ Trusty at Wombat Cafe for my last day in town.  We listened to some beats that he’s made and talked about possibly collaborating on a music video soon.  The place is really chill, I highly recommend if you are in Prague to stop in for one of their homemade cakes or sandwiches.  They also serve booze and the entire place is decorated in Comic book memorabilia.

We smoked a little bit in the back room where they keep the Star Trek pinball.

Then my buddy Tom took me and his girl to Bad Jeff’s BBQ had some ribs and corn bread that wasn’t bad, but you won’t find it on corn bread mountain.

The architecture in this city rivals ALL.

This is a 700 year old bridge.  This bridge is older than America.  It leads to a Stalin monument at the top of the hill that was under construction which is unfortunate because I really wanted to check that out.

All in all it was a great trip, I’m very lucky to have a friend out there that was a fantastic host.  Prague is only a 4 1/2 hour train ride and definitely worth it. 

When I got back to Berlin I got the first track from my live performance video.  Below is a clip of the upcoming video. Courtesy of Tobias Vogel at

[wpvideo wlMZghTs]

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