Roma Confusion.


So today I’ve landed in Rome.  My father’s side of the family is from Italy so this is a really momentous occasion for me, but if I’m being honest, my thoughts are pulled elsewhere.  Here I am in a place I’ve dreamed of visiting since I was a child, but with all that is happening back home in the States, I kind of feel like I’m watching from afar as my house burns down.  I know I know, I should be enjoying myself, and I am, but it’s a strange thing when so many crazy things are happening in America right now.


I spend my days living like someone who doesn’t have a care in the world.  I get to travel.  I get to meet so many interesting people, but then every few minutes my mind gets pulled away from all of that and I’m back to thinking about all the bullshit I read about what is going on back home.

Cops are still shooting black people without ramifications (or at least from what I can tell), Donald Trump is probably gonna be our next President, which that in and of itself is terrifying.  I don’t honestly think he will be able to do ANY of the things that he claims he will be doing if he is elected, it’s more just a sadness that fills me.  We are really that foolish.  People really think this guy is the answer to the problems in our country.  It’s baffling.  Most people I’ve talked to that are voting for him, think most of the shit he says is a bit ridiculous, but they like that he isn’t afraid to say whatever he wants.  They think he won’t take any shit and that he will stick it to everyone that has screwed us.  It still makes me so proud of Chicago when I think about when he had his rally there and protesters were in such great numbers and so serious about what they were doing, that he ended up not speaking.  But, that didn’t stop him, that wasn’t the beginning of some great wave of awakening that swept the country, he just moved on to the next rally and it was business as usual.  I hope he doesn’t win, but either way, is Hillary much better?  I’m not so sure.



I’ve been in Europe since the beginning of April and Trump has been a constant question on the minds of people that I meet.  Rightfully so, they worry what that will do to the rest of the world, being that we are the big kids in the sand box these days.  The other question on their minds is do we hate black people in America?

It’s funny because I was in Spain being asked this, a place that made a crazy amount of money off of slavery and I believe was one of the last to abolish it.  And anyone who knows me knows I’m a pretty honest and straight forward person.  It often rubs people the wrong way, and I think I have a limited number of friends because of it.


But here is the truth or at least what I can gather from things.  We do hate black people in America.  We hate them because they represent our countries biggest and most despicable failure.  And it’s a failure that we have never fully come to terms with.  With every black man or woman that succeeds the rest of America, both hoists them up as a champion of the will of Americans and hate them for becoming more successful then we as individuals have.


It’s sad, the racism of one person doesn’t really bother me.  Everyone is a little racist.  We just are.  If you think you aren’t AT ALL, then you are part of the problem we have today.  We need to start to analyze these flaws, because we all have them.  We all have certain groups of people that we have a hard time trusting, or secretly don’t respect.  Be it from past experiences, taboo’s brought up in the media and so on and so forth.

We say, “Oh the police aren’t racist.  They are just doing their jobs.”  Their job is to protect and serve.  In nowhere does it say to shoot people because they feel threatened.


A friend of mine who by and large agrees things are out of control, but he’s a numbers person so he said the numbers don’t add up, well I disagreed obviously, but it’s past just the murdering of unarmed black men and women by cops, that is just the most brutal of the crimes.  And happen less than the bigger overall problem.  Which is what most of white America isn’t seeing.  It’s the arrest records that cripple the community, it’s the absurd mandatory minimums of certain drugs that are clearly racist, it’s a prison system that is owned by god damn companies.  They have prisoners work for next to nothing, and many would say well, they are in prison, fair enough, fine.  But then that company, who already is paying a pittance for labor goes and turns around and sells their product at an outrageous mark up.  So not only do they have damn near free labor, that have no choice but to work, but then they go and turn around and screw me, you, and everyone else with how high they raise their prices.


You got kids going to jail for selling crack and heroin and they go away forever.  Meanwhile, most heroin users, the vast amount actually, are white, and lets not pretend that just about every single person I’ve met in my life has done cocaine at least once.  We pretend that that isn’t the case, we lie to ourselves and say we are good wholesome people, I call bullshit.  We aren’t.  Whites lead in drug use, always have, and always will.  Yet we think of blacks and minorities when we think of drugs.  A judge in Pennsylvania got indicted for being paid to give young kids long prison sentences so that they would have a work force in their prison.  Their are bars all over Chicago, hell America, that won’t let in Black people.

But we don’t wanna hear about that.  We don’t wanna know about how things really go down.  Heed my words people, there are two histories of the United States, the one they taught us in school, and the one that is real.  The real one is not pretty and we are in no way the good guys.


You got idiots wearing hats saying, “Make America Great Again”.  Dude this wasn’t even our country.  We literally committed genocide to kill off the indigenous population, brought over a bunch of slaves from Africa to work in our fields and celebrate Christopher Columbus who was a rapist and a murderer.  Our government has experimented on the black community ie the Tuskegee experiments and the Crack epidemic of the 80’s.  Not to mention the LSD that they dosed Vietnam Vet’s with to see what would happen.  And then we still turn around and say, yeah well, they aren’t targeting black people.


The idea that people get offended by the hashtag Black Lives Matter just shows the lack of willingness to understand.  Nowhere in those three words does it say anything negative or imply anything other than black lives matter.  Yet we sit here and say oh they are gonna start a race war.  Bro, the war was started a long time ago…and it was started by us…white people.  It’s like Louie CK said in one of his stand ups, “We are gonna pay hard one day for this”  and that is the fear.  Because in the back of our minds we know how fucked up things really are, no white person wishes they were treated as if they were black.  And that’s because we know.  We know things are fucked up, we just don’t care enough to do anything about it.  Then when a group like BLM comes along people get uncomfortable.  They start to sweat.  They think the black man is coming for their money and their homes (that’s because if what happened to their ancestors and happens to them today happened to you, you would want them all dead who wronged you).  So we say ALL LIVES MATTER.  Fuck you.  Seriously fuck you for that statement.  That is the biggest bullshit ever.  I promised I wouldn’t swear but I just can’t.  No one ever said all lives don’t matter, all they are saying is yes, all lives matter, so then black lives matter too.  That is the point of it.  If you can’t figure that out, I don’t really know what to tell you.  You are lost.


On a lighter note.  The Olive Oil out here is freaking unbelievable.



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