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IMG_4498.JPGSo I’ve been kind of quiet with the blog the past couple of days, I apologize for that, but being someone who’s families ancestors came from Italy, Rome is kind of an overwhelming place to be.  It the most awesome way it could be though.

To see what people have been able to do centuries before now is just unbelievable.  I haven’t really used these past three plus months to run around seeing historic sites.  It isn’t that I don’t enjoy those things, but I really wanted to focus on living in the present.  But I decided that Rome would be different.  Rome has too many things that I want to see.  It’s incredible that you walk around a corner and oh, wow there’s the Colosseum.


My first day was pretty much a mess and I wasn’t sure how I was going to like Rome, and then as I was laying in bed sweating (no ac), there was a knock at my door and my roommates wanted to know if I wanted to eat and smoke with them.  Mind you it’s almost four in the mourning lol.  Well I wasn’t about to pass up a chance for some pasta cooked by the Italian kids that I’m staying with.  The one pictured above is Evano, he’s a Pizza maker in Salerno where I will be heading on the 22nd.  He doesn’t speak any English and his buddy Luigi who is from Napoli is here with him and we’ve become fast friends.

Now fast forward a couple of days…

I spent the day wandering around Rome.  I took the bus to Piazza Venezia.  The whole area is just unbelievable.




It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen.  The detail and the patience that must’ve come with making this city look as it does.  Every building and monument and unearthed ruin tells me to have the patience needed when it comes to my writing and to life.

Nothing great and lasting is made in an instance.  It takes time, it takes failure…lots of failure.  Matter of fact if you aren’t ready to fail then you are in trouble in life.

These artisans and builders gave their lives for this massive exhibit to the progress of man.  They didn’t know what they were doing when they made it possibly, but either way, here it is…Rome, still alive and as sexy as anything I’ve ever seen.






The buzz and feeling of Rome is contagious.  After spending all day walking around central Rome, I stopped a few times to write, a little antipast, a little birre, a little sitting staring at old architecture while I breathed in the essence of what used to be the center of the western World.


The beautiful women, dark from spending an eternity on the Mediterranean, statuesque while they smoke, elegant yet determined when they walk.  Mangia la Maria!  They taught the rest of you females how to walk in heels.

Grazie Bella!  Cuz you have to thank them.

When I got back to my apartment, the party was in full swing.


Evano was making artichoke lasagna within minutes I was high and drunk.  I dunno if was the marijuana and shots of Jager that Dasa (roommate from Prague) insisted everyone drink, or just the overall feeling.  Like home.  Italians want you to feel welcome is what I found.  Much like the Turkish in Istanbul, but amplified.  They cook for you, they make sure you are having a good time.  They are relaxed and enjoy the moment that they are in.  Which for me, someone who constantly tries to think ten steps ahead, it was foreign territory for me, but soon I was swimming in it.

I wasn’t thinking about home, I wasn’t thinking about my next stop, I wasn’t thinking about my lack of blog posts, or my novel, I just enjoyed where I was and the company I was with.  And this is Rome.  This is what it means to me.  Worry about now, because as you can see just by walking around Rome for ten minutes, the past is there waiting for when you want to remember it, and the future can’t be caught, so have a smoke, have a drink, eat some pasta, fuck around, do drugs (responsibly), hop fences, make love, and indulge.

And that’s what I did.


For the first time in a long time, this part of my trip I have spent more time being in the moment.  Which you would think that would be easy.  You are traveling around seeing things that are new and unreal, how can your mind be elsewhere…well for me I tend to over analyze my future and what I could be doing with my life.  Doubts, fears, you know, that type of sad shit.  But this place has kind of washed me of it somewhat.  It’s still there the stress and fear of an unknown future, it’s apart of who I am, but for now it too is stuck in awe of the moment.

After we ate, four of us decided to go walk around Rome and hit a bar.  We stopped and picked up a couple of beers for the road and headed out back towards where I had been earlier that day.  Evano (Italian who only speaks Italian), Dasa (Czech who understands English and is learning Italian, but can’t speak English), Grace (American who came to learn Italian a few months ago), and myself (American who took two years of Italian and skipped most of his classes to his regret).  Needless to say, the night was a drunken game of charades that worked remarkably well.  It really shows how well people can understand each other when you put in the effort.  It honestly was a fantastic time.  We smoked a spliff in this park overlooking the Colosseum, then hit a bar for a round of beers, then around two in the mourning we stopped at these old ruins took a seat in some bleachers and smoked another spliff and just chilled.  We probably spent at least an hour just sitting their laughing and enjoying the view.  At night Rome is almost more beautiful.  The way they have the monuments and ruins lit up is impressive.

It was hot as fuck and we didn’t care.  I was sweating like I normally do when it’s 90 plus degrees out, but it didn’t matter.  Good company, good food, and Rome will make you not care about much other than maintaining the smile that is imprinted on your face.

At one point Grace (21 year old American girl so you already know she is sensitive) got a little upset with Evano and I because we kept joking about making lasagna out of prostitutes lol.  Prostituutio, mozzerella, pomodori, parmesana, basilica, prostituutio, mozzerella, pomodori, parmesana, basilica.

But that just made the night even better.  It was the first time I’d really spent any actually time with fellow travelers, and it was well worth it.  Now time to meet some Romans so I can add to this thing.









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  • Darren "basso profundo" Amaya

    14/07/2016 at 2:07 am

    You forgot to mention all the cats that hang out in the ruins. Ha! Veremente Cruciale! If you can find me a t shirt that says “Sotto la panza la mazza avanza” I’d appreciate it. Hell, pick yourself up one. It’s cooler in the catacombs.