Shower free tourism

So my roommate Tobi has been in an epic battle with our shower drain. He’s worked hard. A valiant effort. But the water still stands.  
Today I woke up to 90 degrees. Mind you Germany in all their efficiency and straight forward logic deemed air conditioning an unnecessary luxury. Bless their cold hearts. I hope they stay cool. I however was anything but cool.

I woke up in a sweat. Sticky, like nervous when the cops pull you over and there may or may not be weed in the car sticky. It was early too…for me at least. Anyone who knows me, knows I usually go to bed when most are waking up for work…9 am.  

So I was up. And come to find out that the water sitting in the tub overnight was still sitting there. Taunting us and full of drain-o. Therefore on this embarrassingly hot day there would be no shower.  

This is beyond difficult. I don’t normally even leave the house without showering. Call me crazy but I think that should just be the rules, but I didn’t want to stand in acid water and I had shit to do today.  

First, I had to go back over to the Burgeramt to drop off a form with the front desk. The Ring Bahn wasn’t very busy. And honestly the whole process went really easily. Just dropped off the form and back out the door. Which was a relief because I was preparing my self on the train over and the other train over and the walk from the station to Arkham Asylum, to hand gestures and smiling oafishly.

But after, I decided, well it’s hot and there’s no a/c in the apartment and there isn’t a cloud in the sky…so boom, lets do some tourist shit!

Normally I just kind of pick a neighborhood and wander around, but today I decided to hit one of the tourist spots.  

At Brandonburg Gate

Then I went for a walk around a government building next door, the park behind it with the tower had something being worked on so I couldn’t go see it.

This is the Adlon Hotel where all the big shots come to vacation Presidentially.

Then I winded around to the Spree.

There’s a guy off in the distance cleaning his feet in the Spree. Right in front of a building looking like the one behind me.

I ended m trip with kind of stumbling into the memorial for the Jews who died in Europe. 

Someone made a comment to me about taking a selfie at the memorial online the other day.  I understand the point and get that it could be viewed as disrespectful, but honestly what isn’t disrepectful?  We walk around, myself included, pointing fingers and confronting what each other says, but in reality we are all just as ignorant and prejudice as the next person.  We critique each other’s every move like we live some pure and exceptional life.  I do it, you do it, we all do it.  We watch television and slam celebrities for their actions, we expect politicians to behave any differently then we do, and we tisk tisk when the poor riot.  And every day we get up and do the same selfish things.  

We don’t actually care, maybe some truly do, but even those, I find suspect when it comes to their reasons, we do the ice bucket challenge and we argue about black lives matter, but we don’t get up, we don’t go do anything about it.  The whole PC thing is great honestly, we need to be aware of what insults and marginalizes one another.  The world is becoming more and more globalized.  Even with the recent election in Britain, it doesn’t really change the overall landscape.  The world, because of the Internet, is more connected than ever.  And it will continue to do so, which makes political correctness all the more important, but on an individual level.  Live your life that way.  And accept other people for who they are (it’s kind of ironic me writing this considering how judge mental I am, which just shows how deep this goes). I think we learn a lot more from examples then lecturing.  

So I don’t know if taking a selfie in front of a memorial for those that died tragic and grotesquely is wrong or not, like everything I believe it’s all about the context.  Maybe it is.  I’m not really sure I’m the one to decide.  Honestly it wasn’t something I thought about when I did it.  It was more because a friend of mine was ragging on me about being in Berlin so much and not going to see it.  

I kind of question the whole idea of memorials to begin with.  This is another one of those I don’t know if it’s good or bad or both.  On the one hand you want people to remember, but if you have a place like this I’m sure there’s thousands of ignorant monsters like myself who will unwittingly take pictures.  Plus photos are a way to express something, or tell a story.  So wouldn’t the more photos the better be the best way to spread awareness of something.  I dunno, this what happens when I read my Facebook feed and it’s really hot with no air conditioning.