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Smoking Spliffs and listening to Gang Starr at Hitlers old Airport

Spent the day with my friend Fenja who booked me a show with a live band on the 12th at Badehaus Szimpla. She had me meet her in a park that was once Hitlers Airport.

There were thousands of people there just relaxing and enjoying the beautiful weather. It blows my mind how people live here. People do whatever they want. We smoked a spliff in the park and this group of people were bumping 90’s hip hop. Even the dogs are laid back. Everyone is free to do as they please.  And all this is happening in a place that 75ish years ago was under Nazi rule. You’d never know it the way people behave.

Then after lounging in the park.

Roadside Falafel.

After we got something to eat which cost with a bottle of water 3 and a half euros, Fenja took me all over Neukölln.  We stopped at an old Roman build square that was untouched from WWII.

Then we walked and walked all over what some call the “hip” area of Berlin.

After six hours of walking, two Spliffs, a falafel sandwich, a genuine pint of Radler at a small corner bar in the historic district where we talked about the evolution of Donald Trump from tv personality to possible fascist dictator and leader of scared white people, then we went to Kreuzberg to pick me up some pot.

After a long day I’m finally back in my flat and my dogs are barking. Time for Netflix and to reminisce about the Finnish girl from last night.

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to the record here is the closing number off Hank in POWER.

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