Visa Issues

So I wrote a little something yesterday, a fictionalish account of my Visa appointment.

Just so that everything is clarified.  I was told to go back to the states and try again.  Since I was leaving in October anyways they advised that I go back to the states for three months book some shows in Germany for December and Jamuary and I will be good to go.

Which actually turns out to be a good thing, I was gonna go back anyways because of my brothers wedding in October.  And I was planning on staying a few months to get work and make some money before I went back.  So instead of doing that from October- January I’m doing it mid August to mid November.

This way hopefully I can make some money and come back in good shape.  I also have the website getting remodeled by Hermann and Tobi along with setting up my social media marketing foundation so that I can stop being a broke motherfucker and build a fan base for myself.

While I’m kind of laying low in Berlin for the last week and half Tobi and I will be shooting a music video for my album Power that I released back in March.

So I have plenty to do and say in the coming months and after really being annoyed about not getting my visa and having to leave the EU for 90 days before I can come back and get my Visa, I realized that I’m crazy lucky to be able to do the stuff I’ve been doing and by coming back now it will set me up for a future in Europe.

So in the mean time anyone in south Florida that needs someone to hire. I’m the one for you.

And for all of you that are thinking of moving to Germany or any other country for that matter.  The biggest thing I could say is look at the rules and requirements to getting a visa very carefully and if you are able, bring a friend with you from the country who can help translate. I would’ve been lost without Hermann.