We here at Hank the Real

We here at HankTheReal will be introducing a new virtual experience.  Coming soon we will have an all new sexy look that will make your life all the more amazing.

It will incorporate all aspects of what I’ve been up to.  From my music and travel blogging, to what is happening with my book and adding more aspects of fiction to the site.  

I’ve done a couple of fiction posts before on here and people seem to like them, so expect a lot more of that.  

We got a video shoot this weekend in Kreuzberg for First Thirst Last Breath from Hank In POWER, it’s gonna be a great way to end this past four plus months.  


I’ve had a blast and I’m excited to go back to Florida to watch my brother get married.  After 90 days in the states I can head back to Berlin to finalize this Visa do some more traveling and making moves. Expect me to stop by Chicago and possibly Austin to see friends and maybe play some shows while I’m back.

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