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taksim square starting point to getting lost

Taksim Square Start Point For Getting Lost

Traveling Wide and Far for good reason Standing at Taksim Square I felt an overwhelming sense of distance from anything I’ve ever known.  It was a moment in time where many things I always thought I knew, blasted apart, shattered under the weight of truth.  The smell of the salty Bosphorus tangled with the summer…

national mentality predicated on bitchassness

National Mentality Predicated on Bitchassness

National Mentality a tale of twins These days it feels like people are perpetually upset with each other.  No one has room for differences.  Everything has to be equal and tolerant.  Everyone’s a critic.  Old, young, liberal, conservative, black, white, hispanic, asian, muslim, gay, straight, LGBTQ, alt-right, progressive left, it doesn’t stop.  Everyone has a…