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taksim square starting point to getting lost

Taksim Square Start Point For Getting Lost

Traveling Wide and Far for good reason Standing at Taksim Square I felt an overwhelming sense of distance from anything I’ve ever known.  It was a moment in time where many things I always thought I knew, blasted apart, shattered under the weight of truth.  The smell of the salty Bosphorus tangled with the summer…

barceloneta beach is prime summer spot

Barceloneta Beach is Prime Summer Spot

Walking along Barceloneta in Barcelona, Spain the beauty is countless.  From my Airbnb in El Raval it’s only a short stroll to Barceloneta Beach, where the beautiful women of Spain bask in the summer sun.  Barceloneta Beach butts up against El Raval and the Gothic Quarter.  Topless, smoking cigarettes, and tanning along the coast.  Men…

louie bossi's ristorante bar pizzaria

Louie Bossi’s Ristorante Bar Pizzaria Owns Ft Lauderdale

The other night was my birthday and there was only one place I was interested in eating at…Louie Bossi’s Ristorante Bar Pizzaria.  I had never been.  Everyone I talk to loves the place, and my family is loosely connected to the place in the fact that we’ve known Louie Bossi for close to twenty years…

travel connecting overseas establish your future

Connecting Overseas to Establish your Future

Spending time abroad has woken me up to what the world is becoming.  With the development of the internet and technology people are spreading out more and more.  The world has become much more open in many ways.  There is room to grow where we never saw opportunity before.  Companies are reaching people on the other…