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Detective Novel: Miles and Miles of Killing by Hank McCoy

Detective Novel…a love song to Chicago

I’ve recently finished writing a Detective Novel taking place in Chicago.  It’s titled Miles and Miles of Killing and is about a Private Eye by the name of Miles Bradley who isn’t worth much if you asked him.  But in time Chicago shows him through a series of gruesome and provocative events his role in this world.

A Throwback to the Classics

The book is a throwback to the great Noir writers of the 30’s and 40’s.  People like Dashel Hammet and Raymond Chandler, characters like Mickey Spillane.

Miles and Miles of Killing takes place in the very early 60’s.  Miles is tossed back into the underworld hefiction detective novel miles and miles already does a terrible job of avoiding to find who killed a prominent and violent gangsters girlfriend.  

Miles at one point was a promising detective in Chicago, but by the time we meet him he is a drunken, punched up, gumshoe, with few morals and little self worth.

Miles Bradley isn’t much for detecting, he is a bruiser at heart, with enough juice so that he knows who to push up on for a tip.  He’s cunning and brutal, but lovable in a poor bastard sort of way.

Looking for an Opening

As of now I’m looking for publishing so that this book about gritty Americana can see the proper light of day.

I spent the better part of five years working on Miles and Miles of Killing.  It’s written in a very conversational style and stream of consciousness, which proved to be difficult when writing a Detective Novel.fiction detective novel miles and miles  

During my time in Chicago, I focused most of my networking towards the music scene.  Trying to meet booking agents and promoters and working at a venue, but due to the fact that Chicago doesn’t have much in the way of Publishing not a ton of networking in that world was done, so now I’m sort of playing catch up.

From what I’ve learned about the publishing game, is that very few people have any connection to it anymore.  Most writers self publish and don’t really have a contact in the world of books.  Being that this is a Detective Novel helps some because it is a well loved genre of fiction, but people don’t really buy too many books these days so we get Donald Trump.  Those that do seem to have contacts either don’t want to share them, or don’t realize what they have.  I’ve always been someone to share and collaborate with others.  Money is important to me, but it isn’t the first step in the conversation.  I’m a little bit more for the long money than the short.  But with that it makes it hard to break into the industry.  But try on and try on we shall.

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