last stand devils come to collect

Last Stand: Devil’s Come to Collect

He could see the hoard of savages off in the distance.  Their torches lit cast a serpent off into the lands heading towards his stronghold.  This would be the end of his people their final stand.  They won’t get past this night.  The people of his vast Kingdom have endured much these last few years.  Vikings come to his land, by ship, they roll over the rocky hills swallowing everything in their way.  They’ve battled them intensely for so long, and it’s hasn’t stopped their progress.

His father warned of this.  He said the blue eyed giants will come to their tiny kingdom as they have before.  This time though, they come in greater numbers with more at stake.  They intend to invade and colonize these hills.  The Regal one knows that he will die soon.  They will draw and quarter him and leave him on display for his people to see.  Burning the image of their great leader flayed and gutted as a warning to those that will not give up everything they have to these barbarians.

“My King, Cardizia has fallen.  They are only hours from us with their main legion.  What we see off in the distance is merely a serpent of torment.  Designed to strike horror into the minds of our people.  What do you advise?” The Kings chief officer inquired while they stood at the highest turret.

“Call an evacuation of the outer farm ranges, bring all men and women of fighting age to the main hall, we must prepare for our last stand,” He twisted his dark beard and searched for hope.

What will he tell them?  How will he manage to lift their spirits to fight on?  He wants to give it all up and let the end come.  He’s sent his family away to Egypt to save them the torture, rape, and eventual death that they are sure to get if they had stayed.  Plus they won’t have to witness what shall become of their king.

Will this be the end of their way?  Will that serpent of fire engulf them all or will God shine down and let these stone walls stand strong.

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