message from the rebellion part 1

Message From The Rebellion Part 1

I’d been following Margarite Van Stahl since Brussels where she left her fathers house to deliver the message of war to the  Lord Huston who is soaking up the sun of Salerno Italy with his mistress and their four children.

My goal is to intercept said message and kill Margarite if she becomes an issue.  I’ve followed from a distance for close to a week.  There isn’t a straight route on any of the trains to get down to southern Italy.  I pitied Margarite, her family has forced her into the role of intelligencer.  She’s ill prepared and yet she has surprised me from the start.  Kept her cool and didn’t seem to draw any attention whatsoever to herself.  She had a run in with the jackboots on the Franco-German border.

Margarite has been sent to deliver a vital message of war to the southern Empire of Italia.  Lord Huston, is a former spook for the British Empire and after they fell to the German Chief Officer Claude Mertz and the Franco-German army he headed south to freedom in the hopes to preserve some sort of humanity in the fallen continent of Europe.  Italia is the last outpost of freedom.  Northern Italy is gone to the Chief Officer, but Rome still holds.  The ancient walls of the once great Eternal City still stands as a testament to the former civilized man…nowadays there is little use for civilized.  Either you are part of the Franco-German Institution or you are left for the wolves.  The last Empire of Italia withers on attempting to keep Chief Officer Mertz at bay.

Millions have fled Europe over the last several years for the coasts of Northern Africa seeking refuge from the tyranny and chaos of the European Union.  Those that have chosen to stay are either apart of the Frano-German Institution or they are along the Mediterranean fighting the force of the might of the Chief Officer.

Margarite’s message contained the warning of a fleet heading long the west coast of Europe  with heavy artillery and close to a hundred thousand dedicated fight souls. Her goal is to warm Lord Huston so that they may prepare for the coming onslaught.

My job, the job of a man such as my own, is to capture that message for the Chief Officer and if the opportunity arises to kill Lord Huston, then I am instructed to pull the trigger.  Hence not snatching the message from Margarite enroute.

Margartie stopped at a cafe nestled on Via Roma, she sat with a rebel’s rag reading of hope and freedom.  It’s all gone, she just doesn’t know it yet.  She’s traveled so far, through the enemies closing grasp and now it is just her and I and this beautiful place.  She’s in a red summer dress with a tan hat to shade her alabaster skin.  Cheeks red from travel and anxiety.  In her clutch is most certainly a small caliber firearm.  I can see the shape it makes in her purse.  The note was stuffed in her brassiere.  I witnessed that on our second day on the train when she slid it above her left breast.

She is scheduled to meet someone here who will take her to Lord Huston.  I’m not sure is she realizes that people are watching.  That I am watching…always watching.

*Keep a look out for Part 2 of Message From The Rebellion on the 15th

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