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mom and pop locked and loaded for the holidays

Mom and Pop Locked and Loaded for the Holiday’s Part 1

Family for the Holiday’s

She touched my shoulder gently.  I knew it was time.  I’m long overdue for a visit back home.  Back to where things first went wrong.  She never understood my hesitation to bring her back with me for a visit to old Mom and Pop.

She’s always been very close to her parents.  Christmas, Thanksgiving, all those notable times of the year, she has spent in the home she grew up in.  The love and connection is strong with her family.  I know that feeling as well, but with that love I’ve had at home, has come with it trials and tribulations.  My folks have always had a bit of a violent streak.  My mother did a couple years in a women’s correctional facility for numbers running.  And as for the old man, he was a devil of an individual for anyone who crossed his path.  A thief by trade, but known to be deadly with a pistol.  Ya know, the usual Mom and Pop.

I’ve never told my girlfriend about their careers, the family has always had a plumbing supply business as a way of washing their ill gotten gains.  So it’s always been easiest to just go along with the plumbing supply business as their primary source of income.

But after years of avoiding the awkwardness of explaining my parents to my girlfriend, I’ve realized that I can no longer hide things.  So I bought a couple of train tickets for us and we should be back in Pittsburgh by this time tomorrow morning.  My mother is extremely excited to meet the lovely girl who has stolen her straight laced sons heart.

Mom and Pop show Love

Christmas in Pittsburgh is a cold and unforgiving time of the year.  We got off the train from Philadelphia and without fail, my mother and father were waiting for our arrival.  They looked as crooked as ever, but only to the well trained eye.  From the eyes of someone like my girlfriend they looked like a lovely Mom and Pop excited to see their kid over the holidays.

My old man was wearing an Adidas track outfit under his down jacket and my mother dressed politely and made sure her handmade scarf shown properly around her neck.

“There’s my boy!  Heeeeeeey,” My father came barreling towards us with his massive frame and rough hands.

He scooped up both me and my girlfriend and gave us a great bear hug.  My mother followed behind, with a smile and rosy cheeks.  The two must’ve been waiting at the station for hours.

“Hey guys, this is Tara,” I put my arm around my girlfriend.

“Well aren’t you the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.  I hope my son is being a gentleman,” My mother hugs Tara genuinely, “Your father and I have a stop to make on the way to the house, I hope it won’t be too much of an inconvenience for the two of you, I know the trip here must’ve been long and you probably want to just get to the house…it should only take us about two minutes and forty-five seconds out of the way.”

“Oh by all means, we aren’t in any type of rush.  I’m just glad to be here and finally meeting Todd’s parents.  He is very closed off when he talks about his childhood.  But doesn’t shy away from telling me about how much his parents love him.”

I’m Todd.

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