publishing the story of the century

Publishing The Story of The Century

I’ve recently met with a firm interested in publishing my book Miles and Miles of Killing.  It’s a small local publisher that is located out of South Florida.  If you would’ve told me that I’d have to go back home to find a publisher for my novel, I would’ve told you that is completely unrealistic.  But here I am, after years of pushing to get things going with my writing career, the ice of unemployment is thawing.  The sun is coming out and my words are beginning to show their value.

Of course my initial hope was that some big publisher like Random House or Penguin would pick up my book and I’d become a big star with a big agent and a big firm behind me, but in truth, I was never setting myself up for that.  Everything I do is to become more self sustaining and keeping control of my intellectual property.  It is a more uncertain road going the independent route, but it is also the most lucrative if things work out.  With this publisher, I will have complete creative control and own all the rights to the final product.  There isn’t a major publisher in the world that would give that away.

I’m going to talk with a few more publishers before I make a decision, but it’s a good start.  It was on a whim that I just happened to hear about the publishing company from a local coffee shop that I am hoping to do a reading at.  The owner had informed that a local writer who recently had his book published through a company in the area was interested in doing a reading, so I am looking to combine forces with said writer to put something together.

Plus my editor and long time friend lives in the area, so I am going to employ him to join in as well as a few other writers I know from there area.  This will be something new for me.  I’ve never promoted a Literary event before, so this should be an interesting foray into something new.

I spent the better part of seven years promoting and booking hip hop and other various forms of music around Chicago, so I’m already prepared to handle dealing with artists and promotion, it’s just a new town in a an old place and a different medium of storytelling than what I was doing in Chicago and Berlin.

It’s time to bless all these fools.

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