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spanish heiress barcelona

Spanish Heiress Takes Away My Problems


Heiress my Problems

I’m heading to Barcelona on the 26th.  Two weeks.  Then to Rome.  Two weeks.  Then maybe to the ocean somewhere in Italy for a little R and R from my R and R.  If this next month doesn’t scream privilege then I don’t know what does.  I hope I fall in love with some iconic Spanish heiress.  I mean, don’t get me wrong I’m not gonna be living lavish, in fact, belt tightening has really begun.  Even before now, I’ve lived pretty damn frugal.  I guess if I spend most of my day laying by the beach in Barcelona that should keep it pretty cheap I would think.  I can’t wait.

She’s tired of her husband and his constant carousing and lies,  her name is Luz which is short for something royal.  We meet when I’m wandering lost, as I mostly do.  She finds me sipping a glass of orange juice at a cafe near the seashore.  I got the cuban shirt unbuttoned and she can’t help but stare.  Our eyes meet while I’m writing something really profound on my phone (it’s 2016 it gets done via mobile sometimes).

Temptations in 2016

She joins me.  The heiress.  We argue about the sexiest time of the year.  She claims spring.  I call her crazy.  We leave together.

End up on the bus.  Heading somewhere she sometimes goes.  I’m half worried she’s gonna kidnap me.  She’s half worried she’s gonna fall in love.

I tell her I don’t wanna see where she’s been.  I wanna see where she’s gonna go.  She gives me a devilish look.  I push us off the bus before we can get where she likes to go.

We argue more in the street.  Her in Spanish me in English.  She drags me into a old house.  No one is there.  She’s the boss.  We climb a fence.  I debate kicking the gate door down instead.  She thought it would be rude to.  So I climb.  It isn’t fun.

Turns out someone is home.  She runs, I don’t.  I talk to the guy.  He speaks english enough to understand.  We get invited in for dinner.  Turns out he’s a spy.  He know’s my game.  I tell him I don’t have a game.  He asks if Gomez sent me.  I told him I went to school with a Gomez but haven’t talk to him in years.

Guy tries to keep cool.  He’s tweaking though.  Luz is bored.  Heiresses are reckless.  She starts smoking in his house.  Doesn’t ask.  Just lights up.  I smile.

She pulls a gun from her bag.  Kills the guy.  I freak out.  I jump on her (cuz these colors don’t run).  We wrestle for the gun.  I pin her down.  She smiles.  I’m Gomez.