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Trotter Steel: Family Owned Since 1945

Tabitha wasn’t ready to move on.  She was stuck.  Still caught up in the future of another person.  I don’t think she realized the damage it was causing.  Her balance had been off since the separation and that was a year ago now.  In that year she had gotten even worse.  Drugs and booze fueled with sleeping the day away while her children were handled by au pair’s and nannies brought in by Trotter Steel, her company.

Manny, her ex husband and business partner had left her for a woman twenty years her junior.  They had done so much as a pair, that the idea of him pairing up with someone else caused a stir in her that many wonder if she will ever be able to fight her way back to the titan of a leader she once was.  Stocks have plummeted, workers fear the end, thieving executives have their hands in the pot, and the one who normally kept the sanity was lost.

Tabitha is the daughter of iron mongers.  Big beasts that bent steel to their will.  They created the heavens and earth with torch and mallet.  Her father Ismail Trotter had worked on the high beams of the skyline making up New York City.  He managed to work his way up from the age of twelve with his three brothers to one day leaving their employer to work for themselves.

Tabitha is the only living heir of Trotter Steel.  Her ex husband and partner, Manny, she met at Cambridge.  They got pregnant while still in school and moved to New York for a quiet wedding and to raise their child under the watchful eye of Ismail.

Ismail loved his daughter, and didn’t feel the need to give her up to just any bloke.  Manny had never struck him as a hard worker and Ismail prided himself on his work ethic.  Manny was a dreamer, he liked to lay about and draw and listen to music and drink…he loved to drink.  Tabitha was infatuated with him.  She still is.  His ability to be so careless yet move so smoothly in the face of adversity.  She eventually took over her fathers business when he died and convinced Manny to help her run it.  At first he didn’t think he was cut out for such a job, but before he knew it, he had found a passion in steel.  He also learned that he had a keen eye for business.

They had a deep passion the two.  With his love she thought they could have it all.  They worked day and night together both as partners in business and partners in love and family.  Twenty five years of marriage.  Four kids.  Two of which have started families of their own now.  And then the day came.

It was like a shot to the head when she found out.  She had never met the woman, and to this day doesn’t see how Manny did either.  They were always together, when would he have the time, but sure as rain, that day came.  Tabitha came home and Manny’s bags were packed.  She was there.  Beautiful.  Like Tabitha once was.  An actress.  They say she is good.  Might get an Oscar this year they think.

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