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artist must evolve or cease to exist

The Artist has to Evolve or he ceases to Exist

The road of an independent artist is a rough one.  Full of complications and setbacks that leave weaker people dead in their tracks and unable to continue on.  It isn’t easy trying to pedal your own work.  It takes patience and creativity.  You can’t just hammer Facebook with status updates.  Things need to come to your potential listeners in a non forced manner.  The customer is a fickle bastard.  You want them excited to read or listen or view your work.  If a potential future fan is to start to follow you, they need to be lured in with charm and honesty.

With so much trash being put into our eye line, it makes it hard to discern between quality and nonsense.  I’m a firm believe that our overall mood has a lot to do with how we like something when we are introduced to it for the first time.  So if you find yourself on the street corner hustling your mixtape, think about how often you dodge people doing the very same thing.  If it’s simply to hustle, then do your thing, you will get nothing out of this post, but if you are honestly trying to build a name for yourself and get people invested in your work, then you need to focus on original and inviting ways of promotion.  This can be very difficult and what works for some fanbases, may not work on others.

We live in an age of individuality, yet we are more connected then ever.  We don’t like to pay for things that we can find for free on the internet, so to get people to reach down and go that extra mile, you need to impress.  It sucks I agree.  An artist should be focusing on creation, not marketing, but alas, that is the way of the future.  You can fight it, but it won’t make a lick of difference, you can’t stop progress.

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