austin texas prepare for the beast

Austin Texas Prepare for The Beast (Maybe)

I’m planning on shaking things up soon, before I head back to Europe, I think I’m gonna make my way to Austin Texas for an extended stay with a friend of mine who owns a house out there.  Back here in south Florida there isn’t much by the way of work for me.  Unless you want to work in health insurance, real-estate, or for Carnival Cruise Lines, there isn’t much work for elsewhere.  I figured Austin would be a place that would have more opportunity for me both to make money as a writer and my music.  If I end up heading to Austin for a bit, I intend to play a slew of shows while I’m there.  Build up a nice little resume in Austin, maybe even find myself a spot at SXSW, but we will see, if I find work in Berlin before then, then I will go straight back to Europe asap.

Plus it will be good to do some hiking, get a change from the boredom that south Florida tends to bring with it.  Staying at my parents place this long seems like a bit of a issue, sometimes I feel like I’m cramping on their style, so it might be time for a change while I save for my next move back to Europe.

My friend out in Austin is remodeling his house and says he could use a gofer to help him out.  So that could be a good chance to make a couple of dollars but mainly just be able to help a friend with an ongoing creative project.

So I’m currently looking for work out in Austin and hope to find something that can put some green in my pocket to get me back out to Europe in a timely fashion.  Gotta keep this war of attrition moving in a positive direction.

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