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buy muy drugs shows us american robot

Buy Muy Drugs Shows us American Robots

Over the coarse of the past ten years or so, I’ve managed to develop a network of unbelievable artists from all over the world, however, Chicago still brings the ruckus compared to the rest.  The city both breeds extraordinary talent and artists who push the boundaries of everything.  A group that I became a fan of almost instantly was Buy Muy Drugs, Denmark Vessey’s latest works.  I’d had the opportunity to book them for a show my group Big Kitty & The Beast played at Empty Bottle a few years back.  The show was perhaps the dopest we had performed.  Between us, Death By Icon, and Buy Muy Drugs, we had a lineup that scraped the edge of the forefront of Chicago music.

buy muy drugs shows us american robot

Big Kitty & The Beast were planning on having Buy Muy Drugs produce a record for us, but then other things ended up getting in the way unfortunately.  I didn’t hear from Denmark for a minute, I was a bit worried that Buy Muy Drugs wouldn’t ever put anything out, and now the vide for American Robot drops.  And it is featuring Chicago Indie Hip Hop great Open Mike Eagle.  And let the weird begin.

Denmark as a solo act has seen some notoriety for his previous work.  He dropped an album titled Cult Classic several years ago with producer Scud One.  It was my first time hearing Denmark and soon realized that he has been bubbling under the surface for a while now.  He’s produced for Danny Brown among other Detroit natives.  Denmark is originally from Detroit himself although I came across him during his tenure in Chicago.

On his next album Martin Lucid Dream, you see Denmark rise even further up the ranks of the hip hop world.  This time gathering a co-sign from Earl Sweatshirt upon it’s release.  Another great piece of work put together from a hip hop veteran.  NPR was talking about the album…hell we all were.  Shit was tight.

But what I’m really waiting for is that Buy Muy Drugs release.  I remember the show they put on at the Empty Bottle.  It was something to behold.  The night itself was much in way of attendance but they put on almost an hour long set that featured video production, on stage beat making, microphoneless chanting and just a generally fantastic Art Rap performance.  To see this duo start to release work, makes the world better off.

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