chicago artist's make waves for heads

Chicago Artist’s Making Waves for Heads Part 1

Chicago Artist’s Invade Your Life

Chicago has been a haven for eclectic artists and creative giants for decades.  The city has always been a place where different ideas, styles, and agendas intersect.  It’s a special place, with a melting pot culture that is derived from the abundance of people from all walks of life ascending onto the landscape.  From famous Jazz clubs like the Green Mill where the escape tunnels made underneath the establishment by Al Capone, still reside there and you can still find the worlds greatest Jazz musicians take the stage inside this classic piece of Americana.  Chicago artist’s have led the way for the city for some time now.

Hip Hop has always been a mainstay in the Windy City.  Artists have developed a million different styles and trends from this scene.  New sub-genres have arisen from Chicago, like the Drill scene.  Artists like Chief Keef and Young Chop have built a scene out of the turmoil that is found in neighborhoods all over the city of Chicago.

Today though, I’m going to focus on some of my friends that have release some really cool stuff lately.  These records are a few examples of Chicago’s vast array of sounds that the people are capable of making.

Walter J. Liveharder

Walter J. Liveharder is a longtime veteran of the Chicago hip hop scene.  He lands on the side of tongue in cheek humor and keeps his shit always tight.  A man who moves within many circles and collects dabs from friends in every corner of Chicago.  “The Rap Game Rudy”.  With his latest effort We Buy GOLD he collaborated with another longterm symbol of dope in the city of Wind, Tony Baines. Here is Shamelessly Chicago, the single off his latest LP.

Lamon Manuel and his hopelessness

Lamon is a former member of one of my favorite Chicago rap collectives Tomorrow Kings.  He’s the emotionally distressed equivalent to  MF DOOM.  A magnet to safe spaced out shaved head white females everywhere.  He is the living example of your rage over your ex dating your arch nemesis.  Catch him perform while he punches himself in the face and has said hipster women choke him while he raps.  He is one of the many Chicago artist’s that move effortlessly from the hip hop scene to the punk revival still boring the hell out of Chicago. Below is the single off his first solo album Music to Feel Like Shit to. 

SABA Pivot Gang

SABA has blown onto the world stage as of recent, he was first introduced to the world via Chance the Rapper, he has been performing and recording with the indie star for a good while now and has finally put together a project that stands out to the world.  His latest album Bucket List Project has been lauded as a grand achievement and put him on the map and in the minds of the worlds bloggers and music critics.  A good friend of mine and fellow Chicago artist Ash Wednesday has been smitten with this guy since he first jumped on the scene a few years back and things haven’t stopped.

Chris Crack from New Deal Crew

I remember playing a show with this dude a few years back when he was hyping Chicago artist and soul trap inventor MC Tree.  He brought his own swag to things out in the midwest and found a solid home for himself.  His latest record Troll Till They Fold  is his latest project that is guaranteed to make your neck hurt from all the knocking.


Is a group that blends the weird with the soul of giants.  They’ve recently released a project Beat Tape 3016 that his flat out dope.  I’ve had the chance to witness one of their shows and like other work done by the members of this group, they were good with crowd involvement and keeping the tempo up for the people.  This avant garde team of Chicago artist’s has a bright future ahead of them.

There is plenty of more where these came from…Part 2 of this list of Chicago Artist’s is coming soon.

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