chicago creatives set tone and chill

Chicago Creatives Set the Tone of Lifestyle and Chill

Chicago creatives Carry On tradition

In case you are looking for some relief from all the bullshit that is festering in the world, let’s not get off topic.  In part three of my series highlighting some of the great musical voices coming out of Chicago we give you some staples of Chicago along with some young Chicago creatives that are making their voices heard.

With the emergence of Chief Keef and then Chance the Rapper, the world is feeling the movement that is coming from Chicago.  Unlike most places when they rise in popularity, there isn’t much similarity to Chicago.  Chicago creatives tend to bring a range of sounds and styles, from the political, to the ruckus, Chicago shows you all of itself.  You can overrun the North and Northwest side with suburban white people all you wish, it will never change the fact that, Chicago is unapologetic and is comfortable on the edge of chaos…because that is where greatness lies.

Rapper Chicks

If we are going to talk about Chicago creatives or planning a debate on cultural trend setters, you have to talk about Psalm One.  She’s been duking it out with rappers forever and they still can’t seem to top what she is putting out.  She was the only artist from the indie music scene in Chicago that I was listening to before I moved to the city from south Florida.  But this new endeavor she has been working on might be the best yet.  Psalm is collaborating with young lyricist and soulful assassin Angel (who I booked once in Chicago when she was first coming up), and producer Ill-esha.  It’s good to see Angel finding a veteran that can help harness her skills and bring out the big talent that she has, rapping or singing.  They’ve already stolen the show at Riot Fest two years ago and recently found themselves in the Chicago Tribune.  Although this all may be old hat for Psalm, nevertheless it’s great to see a hip hop group with such a strong message begin to crack that glass ceiling.

Rich Jones and his VEGAS EP

He’s been making a lot of noise lately.  From rapping to singing and back again, he’s got the crowd in the palm of his hand.  Recently Rich Jones packed Lincoln Hall out in Chicago.  Rich has become a name amongst Chicago creatives that needs to be paid attention to, he’s been plugging away like most in the pivotal midwest scene and the fruits of his labors are starting to show.  Download his new EP Vegas now…

Noname Drops Bomb

Here’s another titan of a voice amongst Chicago creatives in the Windy City.  She’s been popping up on Chance the Rapper tracks and Mick Jenkin’s joints and now she has released Telefone.  And it’s a monster.  She’s been landing on top album lists  for 2016 like few indie artists have before.  There is room to grow too, she is a young and inspired and surrounded by leaders of the nu school.

Keep on the look out for Part 4 of my Chicago artists highlight.


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