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Collaborating With Musicians: Who is Who

Collaborating with other artists can be a trying process.  In my ten years of rapping and working with different producers I have met and collaborated with all sorts of people out there trying to make things happen for themselves.  There are many different types of people you run into along the road when you are on your creative journey.

The Student:

They are young and cocky.  Inspired yet still new to juggling life and art.  They can go a million miles per hour but tend to get distracted easily.  Dreamers…the lot of them.  Time and let down will teach them what it is to be a dreamer.

The Purest:

Been apart of the game since the game was in it’s golden years.  It isn’t enough to make music, they have committed themselves to the lifestyle.  They are Priests in these hills.  Studying all the temples of their creed.  They know their history, but tend to lean on it too much.  As creators they haven’t created all that much considering their time in the game.  

The Teacher:

Knows every inch of his craft.  Has studied it thoroughly…and doesn’t have a problem letting less studious artists know it.  It pains them to see their accomplishment go unnoticed.  They are great creators, but shit for collaborators.  Like the Purest, they too have generally a smaller catalog.  Their perfectionist leanings cause them to release little material.  Partnerships are short lived.  The Teacher tends to behave too much like a teacher for a rebellious artists appetite.  Things usually end poorly.

The Natural:

They make great music.  They make lots of music.  They have fans without trying.  People are loyal to these types.  But often the Natural has no discipline when collaborating or with any other aspect of life.  And their ego’s get in the way of them moving forward.  They often teeter on the brink of obscurity and celebrity, just a small push and they could be the next great thing, but their lack of direction and textbook laziness keeps in their way.

The Monk:

Doesn’t move at any pace other than his or her own.  Often spiritual in behavior and tend to see little value in the trappings of stardom.  Their drive comes from their passion.  Music is a part of them.  They aren’t well without it.  The Monk is extremely disciplined and has his creative priorities in order.  His shortcoming would be his lack of financial drive, but this doesn’t propel him when it comes to his music.

The Star:

Been there done that.  Usually older than those they collaborating with.  Tons of wisdom, and usually a dependency when it comes to booze or drugs.  Familiar with lots of big shots, but don’t think that will lead to anything.  He or she doesn’t “Do That”.  Hard to impress and hard to get excited about anything.  Can be extremely helpful but can also slow things down.  Their ambition is gone, now they create on reflex solely.


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