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eggnog laced with tight beats for godsake

Eggnog Laced with Tight Beats For Godsake

‘Tis the season to bump some sweet jams.  To drink that eggnog laced.  Eat Eggplant Parmesan (in my family) with meatballs and sausage.  It’s a fun time.  A time for family and friends.  To express that love and appreciation to them.  And every season needs a soundtrack.  The holidays are filled with music…from the classics sung by people like Bing Crosby to Run DMC, but this years lets walk into that new year floating above the ground.

Let the world feel that the love that you are giving off.  Let the headphones your grandma got you bump something that is gonna send you into the stratosphere.  ‘Tis the season to turn the fuck up.  It’s been a nasty year.  David Bowie died, Prince died.  White people messed it up for America once again.  The owner of Hardee’s is the Secretary of Labor.  The coolest President since Kennedy is leaving the White House.  Kanye dyed his hair blonde with a hint of pink.  It’s been crazy.  Time to take this holiday season and drink it in deep.  Down to your toes.  Forget all the bullshit that occurred.  Forget that Derrick Rose is on the Knicks.  Just let it all wash away and drink that eggnog deep baby.

The halls of Valhalla are cluttered with giants from this past year.  Time will come to push forward soon.  But take these next few days, until that new year rings in, to reflect and prepare for what comes next.  Dance to celebrate the survival of the human being.  That future of yours is cloudy and you aren’t sure how things are going to go.  Are we coming up to Eden or is Ragnarok just beyond the fog?  We will see, and we will go through it together.  One people.  One world.  With a shit load of problems.  So dance all these Nationalist’s and Populist movements off your back with my brother M.U.T.T.’s holiday mix.

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