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‘Everything’ Music Video From Rich Jones

Everything is Everything

After spending seven years in Chicago’s music scene, I’ve managed to make connections and sometimes even friendships with some truly outstanding artists.  There aren’t many places in the world where you will find so many talented people in one city.  Chicago however, is one of those grand places.  “Everything” is an example of the excellence to be found.

On any given night of the week someone that is capable of moving a crowd is performing somewhere in the city.  Today I’m going to focus on one in particular.  Rich Jones.

Rich is a friend of mine that I met playing shows and bouncing around the city.  We moved in a lot of the same circles, but being that it was Chicago, rarely did anyone have a solid relationship with all the different crews and scenes.  Rich and his group Second City Citizens throw a lot of shows at this club in Lincoln Park (a somewhat odd location for a hip hop show) called Tonic Room.  Small space, but people like to get really out of control there so it works well.  The stage is a tiny L shaped thing that gives the artists about a foot of height and keeps the crowd right up in his business, so it makes for some great parties.

Rich Jones just stole your Bae

Rich Jones has been rapping for a while now, but recently he’s been diving into the world of R&B.  His latest release ‘Everything’ is a huge step in the right direction for Rich.  The visuals and implementing of 3D glasses was such a neat story line addition to the video.

I am told that we should expect more from Rich and his singing proclivities.  So I’m sure we all will wait with anticipation.  I can attest from playing several shows with the dude, he has chops when it comes to airing out that voice of his.  Hopefully he can keep it all as cool as that turquoise ring he’s always rocking.

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