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music false alarm music video the weeknd

False Alarm Music Video The Weeknd

The Weeknd is coming

If the single Starboy wasn’t enough of an indication of what we can expect from The Weeknd’s next album of the same name, it’s the video for False Alarm.  OMFG!  That might be the most intense music video I’ve ever seen in my life.  False Alarm has such a frantic tempo and nothing could have gone better with it.

The Hardcore Henry angle works so much better than the actual film Hardcore Henry.  False Alarm has it’s listener in a tizzy with it’s intense production.

Dark Hearted Pop Icon

As a fan and follower of The Weeknd for a few years now, I’ve come to really respect his progression as an artist.  From brooding RnB villain, to the Pop Star we deserve.  Someone with a dark aura in his lyrics and an intoxication in his music that levels the listener and never allows them to forget what they heard just then.

False Alarm ups the ante.  He presses forward into a gun fueled abyss.  The video shows no mercy and as always puts The Weeknd in the center of conflict.  He doesn’t Ben Affleck up his role, he keeps it real and authentic.  He knows his dark side, he knows what world he cruises in, he doesn’t look for room to grow.  It’s more of a dependance to growth.

False Alarm

Each record The Weeknd releases you see him mature and bend and push his way to the next stage of his progress.  I don’t what will be his next turn, I won’t even begin to think I can predict that, but whatever it is, it will be bold.  From fringe, drug fueled RnB, to well, fringe, drug fueled Pop, he shows us there is room for all.  That the state of music is such that it can withstand such an awkward hero.

Below is music video False Alarm:

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