Frank Ocean new LP Blond

Frank Ocean’s LP Blonde

It’s been two years since Frank Ocean released Channel Orange, and finally after what felt like forever Frank Ocean gives us Blonde his long awaited LP.  And it doesn’t disappoint.

After several listens through Frank Ocean’s Blonde I’ve come to the conclusion that it reminds me of Stevie Wonder’s Songs in the Key of Life.  Don’t ask me why, they are both very different artists, and I’m not saying Frank Ocean is on Stevie Wonder’s level, but it’s the passion and cohesiveness in Blonde, the teachings, the honesty in his lyrics and voice that give me that feeling that I get when I hear Songs in the Key of Life.

Frank Ocean new LP Blond Loolapalooza

And don’t get me started on the Andre 3000 feature.  Dude smashes the track Solo (reprise) with a flow that is reminiscent of a lot of the style that many new Rappers are scooping up.  But only three stacks can own it the way he did.

I love the clip of Frank Ocean’s mother on Blonde.  It brings you closer to who he is and gives you a peek into his personal life.

Frank Ocean´s long awaited LP

Frank Ocean’s Long Awaited Blonde is soul for summer ’16.  It’s what you play to your girl to show her your heart.  Then when that girl breaks your heart you play listen to this so you can heal whole again.  That’s Frank Ocean’s Long Awaited Blonde.

Frank Ocean has set himself apart from the rest of his Odd Future crew members.  He doesn’t try to maintain anything that he isn’t and for such a young artist seems pretty poised and in the pocket when he presents his music.  BLONDE is a perfect example of that.  It’s a very different album from his debut Channel Orange, but nevertheless it blogs in the same canon.  With this record he adds to not only his relationship with his fans (some of whom were getting pretty upset with the wait) and to his worth as an artist.  The album seems more minimal in nature, which highlights his voice even better that I would have imagined.

You may also would his older album: Lonny Breaux

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