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grime glimmer run the jewels

Grime Glimmers Run The Jewels 3 has Dropped

Happy 2017!

Run The Jewels 3 has arrived.  Get bent world!  Are you ready to tackle this 2017 properly?  Killer Mike and EL-P are stepping back into the spotlight to help you deal with the uphill battle this world is gonna have this year.  Run The Jewels 3 is like someone opened a window to this dilapidated and bombed out home.  The dust wafts into the air, another years worth of grime glimmers in the hope that a bright morning sun brings with it.  #RTJ3

Run The Jewels 3 expose truth

They hit you with a collab for Dj Shadow’s most recent album.  Which ramped up the anticipation.  With so much great music to grace us in 2016, it’s a hopeful sign for 2017 to have RTJ3 in the world.  The heavy duty production that EL-P has blessed the people with for decades, is on display with this latest effort.  Even more weird new sounds laced into the music than ever before.  And then there is Killer Mike.  The “guy wit the belly and the beard” just slapping fools all over every track, because that’s what he does.  And with that tough love, comes a dose of knowledge you can’t find anywhere else.  Mike is a pillar of the community these days.  He’s a voice that can’t get enough exposure.  Hopefully one day he runs for some sort of office.

This new album is a call to all of us.  Stand up and keep it moving.  Don’t let the motherfuckers get you down.  Fight, party, smoke, fuck, run those jewels…we aren’t counted out yet.  The future might not be the brightest right now, but remember the fun shit happens at night.

Ten ways to use RTJ3 to clear up the Grime in your life

Maybe you are trying to get back into fighting shape again for this new year…Run The Jewels 3.

Need to wake up early for a new job?  Run The Jewels 3.

Fighting with your new girlfriend?  Run The Jewels 3.

Got a court date for urinating in public?  Run The Jewels 3.

Wanna drink too much and live forever?  Run The Jewels 3.

Marked as a heathen and trying to cope?  Run The Jewels 3.

Need a cure for the grime in your soul?  Run The Jewels 3.

Want to expose the fakers?  Run The Jewels 3.

It’s your Mom’s 45th birthday?  Run The Jewels 3.

Mrs. Carlson touched your dick when you were in detention?  Run The Jewels 3.

From Run The Jewels 2:

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