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hip hop head with love for the new school

Hip Hop Head With Love for the New School

Hip Hop Head armageddon

I’ve been listening to a lot of new music.  Both new releases and stuff that is simply new to me.  I pride myself on keeping an eye on the new releases as well as keeping an open mind to stuff I might not have normally chose to listen to.  At the end of the day I’m a hip hop head at heart, but to be a true hip hop head, you need to have love and admiration for other types of music, after all, hip hop is essentially a collaboration of all different types of music pieced together to make something new…something hip hop.

Most heads I know, stay in their lane.  It’s often hard for them to even manage the idea of new hip hop music.  Great music, while in my opinion, is a product of the strides hip hop has made over the course of the past thirty years, has reached to new heights.  The future is most definitely here.  Artists are making music that should belong on the soundtrack for the cartoon Batman Beyond.


A Iranian born artist that moved to Belgium when she was young on a basketball scholarship, is the latest I’ve found to push the music world further into the future.  She has a way about her that reminds me of FKA Twigs with a middle eastern twist to the production.  Her album Ison is a spectacular glimpse into the mind and style of Sevdaliza.

Little Dragon

This band has been together for a while now and graced us with many great albums, as well as, working with Gorillaz and Big Boi to name a few.  LD has been a group that I have connect to hip hop for a very long time.  They are also a group that few Hip Hop heads would mention in connection to the music of KRS-One and Wu Tang Clan, but when I listen to the musical arrangements and production, you can’t help but hear shadows of RZA or some shit.


Drunk is a new album from Thundercat, who many consider the greatest bass player working today.  He’s worked with the likes of avant-garde hip hop producer Flying Lotus, top of the pops Kendrick Lamar and countless others.  His sound doesn’t have that futuristic appeal, but he brings the funk, and in an age of big data and social media delinquency, the funk must always be within you. Below is a track of a previous project.  Hip Hop heads should be grateful for such ravenous funk.

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