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Ho Ho Ho Show at Township in Chicago Thursday 12/15

I’m coming for you Chicago.  I will have you.  It is time for me to be up in you.  Are you ready for me?  I know it’s been awhile.  I know you might be scared.  But it’s gonna be easy baby…real real easy.  Get ready for the Ho Ho Ho Show.

Opening the show is going to be none other than the one of my closest friends and longtime collaborator M.U.T.T..  Not only will he be opening the show up, but all the beats during my set are produced by him as well, so you will be hearing a rather large showcase of M.U.T.T. aka Big Kitty‘s talents.

M.U.T.T. has produced the last two solo efforts of mine.  As well as being one half of the hip hop mega duo Big Kitty & The Beast along with myself.

MFn Melo isn’t someone I’ve had the opportunity to play with yet.  I’m familiar with some of the people he surrounds himself with though.  He’s got the soul of Chicago in his music that is such a nice feeling after being away from it for even just a short while…it’s artists like MFn Melo that props Chicago up.  Man I can’t wait for this Ho Ho Ho joint.  The styles are all over the place…that’s Chicago though.

Next up is another good friend of mine Ash Wednesday.  Her and her band have been dropping bombs all over the city and it will be nice to have a band in the mix for the evening.  She’s also a big reason this show got put together, she’s well known in the scene and helped put together the lineup.  Ash and her people hold down the stoner end or shall we say the more jam session side of hip hop.  Think white people with really long hair that rap and ride fixed gears.  I feel like if that sect of people in the world were a crime organization, Ash Wednesday would be their Godmother and rule with an iron fist.

Then will be yours truly Hank McCoy…doing some new joints from the new album that I’m currently writing Galactic Art Deco.

To close out the night we got +(Plus Sign) headlining.  From the world of the Art underground where nothing it too far and dreams dance under florescent lights.  I’ve never met +, but we have a few mutual friends and I’m really looking forward to see what this guy is gonna do with that stage all to himself.

So the Ho Ho Ho show is upon us.  Logan Square is going to be a shit show on this night.  So be sure to get to Township on Thursday 12/15 at 9pm for all the eggnog raps.

Also performing will be Dj’s Stepchild & Squeak Pivot

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