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  • HOV Brings the BLAM! With 4:44, Thanks Jay Z
HOV brings the blam with 4:44 thanks jay z

HOV Brings the BLAM! With 4:44, Thanks Jay Z

ROC is back up in the Building

Jay Z dropped his latest album 4:44 and with No I.D. behind the production boards, we get a new side of HOV.  Someone that is choosing to teach.  It’s a short album, concise and precise.  The sampling on some of these tracks off the album are amazing.  The ROC is still in the building.

I’ve always respected the hell out of Jay, but when it’s come to rappers, he has never been my favorite, I’ve always leaned more towards stuff like Wu Tang and Nas.  That isn’t to say that I don’t bump Jay Z, because I totally do. Reasonable Doubt has always been a favorite of mine along with countless other LP’s he has dropped over the years.

4:44 HOV drops Jewels for the Pleb’s

4:44 however, has a new flavor to it.  The appeal is something a little more mature (I despise using that word to describe music).  These days Jay tends to float above other artists in the game due to his wealth and savy business moves.  From owning part of a basketball team, to TIDAL, to his sports agency, the guy has built an empire for himself that sets him above most operating in his realm.

After Magna Carta, I figured that may be the last we hear from Jay Z, but like a blessing from the Gods above, we receive one more Gem for the catalog.  I remember reading an article a few years ago after Magna Carta came out that posed the idea that Jay has one more classic record in him, and while 4:44 may not be a classic (time will tell), it’s definitely refreshing to hear from Jay Z in this manor.

Giving Wisdom for 9.99

And can we talk about the Music Video for the track The Story of O.J.?  I’ve never seen a video where HOV says so much with the visuals.  He went from dropping like performance videos in bougie Art Galleries to remix old cartoon stylings to show the issues that enchain the black man in America.

If you are looking for a bit more wisdom in your life, peep the video below.  It’s an interview from 2013 with Jay on the Breakfast Club.  A true classic and is laced with darts for these new people coming up in the world.

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