industry experts take aim at my knowledge

Industry Experts Take Aim at my Knowledge

Here’s a lesson for all those that are trying to push their way into the music industry or any entertainment industry for that matter.  I’ve been meandering through it for some time now.  Up until recently I’ve only dealt with the independent arm of the musical body.

The other day, I got into talks with this up and coming pop act down in Miami.  His manager is a friend of a friend and he was looking for help with social media for his artist.  He talked a big game too.  He not only wanted me to handle his online presence, but he also was interested in me ghost writing for his artist.  Now this kids stuff is like Apples and Ford cars compared to me and what I put out, but I looked at it as a challenge and a way to break into the big money end of the industry.

So we talked for an hour or so then the following day he had me have a conference call with him and the mother of this new artist.  She seemed to be taking a deep interest and control over her son’s career.  I never had a chance to talk with the kid, but it seemed like these two were the main force behind his progress.

So we talked and by the end of our meeting, the mother/manager had decided she wanted me to do his social media.  They had a PR firm already, but she didn’t like how they were handling his online marketing, so she wanted to make a change.  They asked for a price and I told them I would need to think about how much time a month would go into this project and I would get back to them.

Well I emailed them my quote and waited.  By the next day I had my response.  The mother, thanked me for the information and help and said that their PR firm would be able to take it from here now and declined my services.

This was a big blow for me.  I was pretty heated.  How you gonna offer someone the job, then rescind the offer after, what seems like, passing along the information I discussed with them to their PR firm.  In the end I was used as leverage most likely to light a fire under the ass of their PR firm that they are probably paying a rather large amount of money towards.

Information is power people.  If you have the knowledge, you have worth, so guard it tightly.  The vultures and dogs will peck at it and prod you for help.  They will assure you they want your input long term.  They will even verbally offer you things, but soon as they get what they need, they will cut ties.  It’s all building.  But be careful who you decide to build with.

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