method rapper mad hatter rap carpet bagger

Method Rapper, a Mad Hatter, Rap Carpet Bagger

Dropped bombs at Township last night in Chicago.  I hit them over the head with some serious art raps.  Conceptualizing all over that stage.  The other day, my producer, friend, and one of my life coaches said I’m a method rapper.

These days when I start writing music, I tend to focus on the overall story to help craft an entire album. It’s the performance end of things that is a constantly evolving process.  Before I released Hank in POWER, I hadn’t really ever wrote a record that evolves after it’s creation.  But since the music and content of the album is so thorough and detailed within the constraints of this concept album the performing of the project still needs more.  As a performer, I’m already there.  I got the character down, and have no problem staying within those characteristics throughout the set, however more is still required.  Now I need to add the visual aspect of the show.

Each show I’ve played out here has been a separate and uplifting experience.  I played at Emporium in Wicker Park on Tuesday, it was a free show with a bunch of bands made up of different friends from the bar scene in the city.  That was a fun show because I performed the entire Hank in POWER album in full performance mode for the first time in Chicago.  Being sandwiched between the likes of Coins and Sunken Ships was very different than anything I had done before.  But it seemed to work really really well.  Plus it was great to see all these people that I hadn’t seen in almost a year come out and get drinks and have fun even when the weather was so damn cold.

Then for the Township show I did more of a blend of my stuff, the set was still made up of mostly tracks from the Emporium show, but I added a few new joints from my next album #GalacticArtDeco.  As a method rapper I kept up appearances and continued to dive into the performance everything I have.  Getting to rock a stage with the main man M.U.T.T. again is a huge treat, plus playing with Ash Wednesday and her band was a lot of fun both of them really killed it. Also shout out to MFN Melo, Plus Sign, Dj Squeak & Dj Stepchild for keeping the show together and tight.

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