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New Project: Hank in POWER by Hank McCoy

Hank McCoy Tells a Story with New Project

Hank McCoy’s new project Hank in POWER is an album conceptualized from his love of the iconic cult film Network from the 1970’s.  The album deals with the evolution of power.  How an individual deals with being graced with such a strong presence.  The excitement that follows the establishment of new found power as well as the ego that grows both directly and indirectly.

With the help of his long time producer and artistic collaborator M.U.T.T., Hank in POWER is born.  This new project has been a budding idea for Hank McCoy for several years.  His initial idea was much larger.  Something that would be presented in a playhouse with set designs and a cast.  But like so many things, money makes things an issue.

Finally after years of working and writing and looking for solutions, Hank finally was able to put together the record he had wanted to make since his early days of rapping.  Something different, something that the world hadn’t embraced yet.

This new project is the first time hearing Hank McCoy become political in any sense.  The album one could say, is built from not only a film that today is more relevant than it was at its inception, but also from the state of the political and social media climate of the day.  People are more connected then ever before.  And with that POWER is there to be reached.

Hank in POWER is meant to make you think about the state of our world.  To shed light on a dark reality and to tear down the status quo.  With any new project the artist struggles to make sure what he wants to get across to the listener is portrayed well and with the might it deserves.  Don’t sleep on this astonishingly creative and complex new project.  Hank in POWER.  Download now on Soundcloud below.

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