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performing new jams in chicago

Performing New Jams in Chicago: Don’t miss the Regal

Performance art for Performing’s sake

So I’m performing twice in December when I go to Chicago.  I haven’t had the chance to play out in a while since being back in Florida so it’s gonna be a lot of fun to perform.  Also I got my start in Chicago so going back and partying with friends is gonna be great.

I’ve never performed Hank in POWER in Chicago.  I wrote the album in Chicago, but by the time it was finished I had moved away.  It’s kind of the musical culmination of my past seven years of building and growing as an artist in Chicago.

Hank in POWER’s Birthplace

Hank in POWER I’ll be performing at Emporium in Wicker Park on Tuesday 12/13 for FREE!  With a whole bunch of really great bands.  Something a little bit different than usual, but being that this record is anything but usual, it makes sense to be playing with a band like Touched By Ghoul (who’s lead singer you can find on several tracks off the LP), Smear Campaign (them I don’t know), and Sunken Ship (a band of friends from working in bars in Chicago that know how to party, hell I think some of them invented party).  Normally you would catch me playing with mostly hip hop acts, but I thought this would be an interesting opportunity to kick it with some of my people and play to a wild crowd of misfits.

Brother Steveo’s Place

Then I’ll be playing another show full of friends at Township on Thursday 12/15 for $10.  This show will be an eclectic group of avant-garde hip hop from long-time producer, rap partner, and close buddy M.U.T.T., to Ash Wednesday and her rad band accompanying her, to MFM Melo from the hot like fire Pivot Gang and finally Plus Sign who is popular in the art scene out in Chicago, so it should be an interesting evening.  For Township I’m gonna be performing records off my new album Galactic Art Deco as well as some oldies and maybe one or two from POWER will find it’s way in there.

In my free time while I’m in Chicago you can find me at Quenchers Saloon where my people are.  Feel free to stop by I’ll be in Chicago from 12/12-12/18.