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new music 2017 new school old school all school

New Music 2017, New School, Old School, All School

New Music ALERT

In the year 2017 the music world decided to drop some bombs to kick off this year of Trump.  From Rick Ross to the upcoming Joey Badass album, the game hasn’t stopped building beasts.  New music drives it’s way home, because artists gotta be great.

Sampha is a name that you will hear more and more as the year goes on.  His debut album Process hits home on some amazing and lightly spoken RnB.  We also find him on Drakes new bombastic album More Life.

Rozay brings New Fire to the Earth

Rick Ross is still putting out albums that bridge the gap between the old heads and the new kids making waves in the game.  His new album Rather You Than Me he shows he still deserves the comparison to Biggie.

If you are looking for an artist that is pushing the boundaries of hip hop then look for Jidenna’s debut album The Chief released on Janelle Monae’s label Wonderland.  He made a name for himself with his live performance in Luke Cage and his acting on HBO’s show Insecure with Issa Rae.

More Life, More Vibes, More Hits

More Life by Drake dropped  and cracked the earth like he tends to do when he drops an LP.  As far as new music goes, Drizzy has given us yet another reason to remain faithful.  His previous album Views I wasn’t impressed with at all, but like a real champ does, he comes back with a vengeance and puts himself at the front of the pack once more.  Having British Grime artist Giggs on the project really brings me back, I remember being out on the east end of London working on my first novel and hanging with fiends and nutters in little Bangladesh, it was there that a local dope boy and hip hop fan put me on to Giggs.  I hadn’t kept up with him however so to hear him throwing bars all over More Life speaks to the mans longevity.  As much as I am up on new artists, it’s dope to see someone that you kind of left alone, become a new artist to keep an eye on.

Let’s not forget that Kendrick Lamar is dropping his newest album very very soon.  New music from Kendrick Lamar is like preparing for a new comet to pass.  Each more fantastic than the last.  He recently dropped a few records, first The Heart part 4 that shows him back on his shit talking, going at Big Sean, because why not, Big Sean is a cornball, I can’t deny he isn’t kind of dope sometimes, but still corny as fuck.  Then he dropped the video for the track Humble…peep it below, no need to say anymore.  The big guy from Compton is gonna put a whooping on the game any day now.

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